Dem Candidate Rips Gov. Martinez: 'Does Not Have a Latino Heart'

Dem Candidate Rips Gov. Martinez: 'Does Not Have a Latino Heart'

During a $60 per plate fundraiser Saturday, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gary King (a white male) was caught on video race-baiting sitting Republican governor Susana Martinez, by saying outright that she “does not have a Latino heart.”

Although the national media won’t cover them, the Democrat’s 2014 mistakes keep piling up. Thankfully, these things do at least matter locally. 

King, who is down 50-41% in the latest poll, was apparently trying to make the point that Martinez (a Spanish speaking Hispanic) is a “coconut,” brown on the outside, white on the inside. Attacking the identity of minorities the left and media see as race traitors (ie., not Democrats) is all-too common and accepted in our society.

King, in the filmed comments, said voters should not support Martinez simply because of her Hispanic name. He quoted recent remarks by national labor activist Dolores Huerta in New Mexico.

Huerta “said you can’t go out there and just vote for somebody for governor because they have a Latino surname,” King said in the film clip. “She said you have to look at them and find out if they have a Latino heart.”

“And we know that Susana Martinez does not have a Latino heart,” King added.

Martinez on Tuesday said she was not sure she understood King’s remarks in the film clip from the Valencia County event.

“I’m not sure what Gary King meant by what he said, so I’m not going to accuse him of racism,” Martinez said in a prepared statement. “We certainly have different views on the issues, but I know what’s in my heart and I won’t question what’s in his.”

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for a Democrat Party that fought against Lincoln freeing the slaves and later instituted Jim Crow in the American South. Democrats have a long and chilling history of using intimidation and coercion to punish minorities who refuse to think and vote the way Democrats demand they do.

If a Republican had said anything close to what King did, this video would be the biggest story in the country today. In the hopes it will break the GOP’s midterm momentum, the national media have been dying for a Republican to hand them a moment like this. Because a Democrat said it, it will remain a local story.

Hell, if, as King Did, a Republican referred to a Hispanic woman as “Latino” instead of a “Latina,” that alone would sent CNN into a two-day frenzy.

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