Poll: More Americans Feel Islamic State Is a Threat to America

Poll: More Americans Feel Islamic State Is a Threat to America

A new poll finds that Americans who are following the news of the Islamic State terror group, also known as ISIS, are more worried than ever that the terrorists are a threat to the United States, with many fearing that the media are downplaying that threat.

The HuffPost/YouGov poll published this week found that a higher percentage of Americans are paying attention to the news about ISIS than paid attention to the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and the Russian-led invasion of Ukraine.

Twenty-seven percent said they are “very closely” following the news on the terror group attacking Syria and Iraq. Forty-one percent said they are following it “somewhat closely.”

The poll also found that more respondents feel the media are underplaying the threat ISIS represents to the U.S. (23 percent) than are overplaying it (12 percent). Some respondents (37 percent) said the media coverage is just about right.

Digging deeper, the poll found that those watching the news closely feel that the media are underplaying the threat to the country. Of those paying close attention, 39 percent feel that the threat is greater than the media are reporting, while only 16 percent of that group said that the media are overplaying the threat.

The poll also found that a large percentage of respondents “strongly support” expanding air strikes in Syria, and 68 percent of those closely following the news said they support expanded air strikes.

The respondents were also asked where they receive their news. Cable news came out on top, with 21 percent saying they get their news from television outlets. The Internet came in a close second at 20 percent.

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