After 13-Years, Woman Finds ID of People in Photo Found on 9/11/01

After 13-Years, Woman Finds ID of People in Photo Found on 9/11/01

After wondering for 13 years, a New York woman finally discovered the identities of a group of people in a wedding picture found in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

Every so often as well as on the anniversary of the terror attacks on 9/11, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe would post on social media a crumpled image of a happy wedding party found by a friend of hers in the rubble of New York after the attacks. Keefe would always ask if anyone knew who all the smiling faces belong to. Until this year no one ever knew.

“Every year I go dig it out,” Keefe told the Boston Globe. “I’ve been posting it for years, and it’s literally never gone anywhere.”

At last, on the 13th anniversary of that terrible day, Keefe, an assistant professor at Lesley University, found out just who those people are because this year her search went viral on the Internet.

Keefe’s search reached some 40,000 people via Twitter and someone finally knew who was in the photo. Happily, the professor found out the photo was not of victims of the terror attack.

It turns out that Fred Mahe of Colorado was in the photo. Mahe worked at the World Trade Center back then, but was fortunate enough not to have been at work that fateful day. The photo was on his desk in his empty office when the planes hit and changed history.

Keefe had a nice conversation with Mahe who told her that the wedding had been held in Aspen, Colorado and that the bride and groom are happily living in California.

So now the professor has finally found out who those happy people are. And one 9/11 mystery is solved.

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