Jeb Bush's Sons Hype Father's 'More than Likely' POTUS Candidacy: Establishment Getting 'Fired Up About It'

Jeb Bush's Sons Hype Father's 'More than Likely' POTUS Candidacy: Establishment Getting 'Fired Up About It'

This weekend, Jeb Bush’s two sons hyped their father’s potential 2016 presidential run to the mainstream press.

George P. Bush told ABC’s This Week that it is “more than likely” his father will run for president in 2016 when asked about his Jeb’s 2016 prospects. George P. Bush said, “I think it’s more than likely that he’s giving this a serious thought in moving forward.” When asked if he was saying that it was “more than likely that” his father would run, George P. Bush responded, “That he’ll run. If you had asked me a few years back, I would’ve said it was less likely.”

Jeb Bush’s other son, Jeb Bush Jr., told the New York Times  that Jeb Bush’s father (George H.W. Bush) and brother (former President George W. Bush) are urging Jeb to run while Jeb’s wife has agreed to a potential candidacy as well. Jeb Bush Jr. told the outlet that establishment Republicans behind the scenes “are getting fired up about it — donors and people who have been around the political process for a while, people he’s known in Tallahassee when he was governor. the family, we’re geared up either way.” 

The Times also noted that this “vast constellation of friends, advisers, strategists, pollsters, fund-raisers, donors and supporters assembled over several generations in public life” also want Bush to run so they can have “one more chance to reach the top” and perhaps benefit from the Boomtown gravy train. 

George P. Bush, who is making his first run for elected office in his campaign for Texas Land Commissioner, has previously said that he would not endorse anyone, including his fatherin the 2016 presidential primary. George P. Bush said the family would support his father “a hundred percent” if he takes the 2016 plunge.

Jeb Bush has taken heat from conservatives for embracing amnesty legislation and Common Core in addition to having expressed a hypothetical openness to new taxes in exchange for spending cuts. This week in the first-in-the-South primary state of South Carolina, Bush told Palmetto State Republicans that he found Fox News annoying. Fox News is most trusted news network among all Americans and especially among conservatives, according to a Pew Research survey.


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