Saudi Arabia: Shooting of Muslims By Atheist a ‘Terrorist’ Act

AP Photo/Durham County Sheriff's Office
AP Photo/Durham County Sheriff's Office

Saudi Arabia said on Sunday that the killing of three North Carolina Muslims by atheist Craig Hicks was a “heinous terrorist” act and called on leaders to end aggressions against Muslims.

The statement also blasted the recent killings of two individuals in Denmark as a “terrorist” act.

Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha were shot and killed by Craig Hicks, an outspoken American atheist. “I wish they would exterminate each other!” Hicks wrote in reference to believers of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Hicks’ wife said last week her husband is a strong supporter of progressive policies like abortion and gay marriage.

“He often champions on his Facebook page for the rights of many individuals,” she said. “Same sex marriages, abortion, race, he just believes that everyone is equal.”

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation told the Associated Press the murders have raised international concern about “rising anti-Muslim sentiments and Islamophobic acts” in the United States.


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