Mother Jones: ‘Adorable Children’ Know College Women Shouldn’t Be Armed For Self-Defense

Everytown for Gun Safety PSA
Everytown for Gun Safety PSA

On April 7, Mother Jones reported on an Everytown for Gun Safety PSA which shows “adorable children” mocking the NRA’s contention that women face “rapers” and “campus killers” and therefore should be armed for self-defense.

Breitbart News previously reported on the PSA, and it is not just the NRA’s mention of “rapers” and “campus killers” that the “adorable children” mock, but also the reality of “terrorists and home invaders…and carjackers.” The children also mock the threat of “drug cartels” and “haters” and “airport killers” and “shopping mall killers,” among numerous others.

Ironically, on November 1, 2013, alleged “airport killer” Paul Ciancia pulled a rifle out of a bag and began firing in an LAX terminal, killing one. KTLA’s report indicated he pulled the gun from his bag in the part of the terminal on the unsecured side of a checkpoint. In many states that have taken the NRA’s warnings to heart, concealed carry permit holders can carry in those unsecured areas to defend themselves against such attacks.

Moreover, just over one month after the alleged “airport killer” struck LAX, alleged “shopping mall killer” Jason Roberts opened fired inside Clackamas Town Center mall. KGW Portland reports Roberts allegedly killed two people before concealed carry permit holder Nick Meli confronted him with his own gun drawn. Once confronted, Roberts took his own life, ending the attack.

What if Meli had mocked the NRA’s warning about “shopping mall killers” instead of being prepared? How many more lives might have been lost that day?

And what if women on college campuses are tricked into mocking “campus killers” instead of being prepared by being armed?

These are all important questions.

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