Mark Zuckerberg’s Top Lobbyist: America Needs More ‘Unskilled’ Immigrants

AP/Ross D. Franklin

On Tuesday, President of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s lobbyist group Fwd.US, Todd Schulte, said the United States needs to allow more “unskilled” immigrants into the workforce and falsely suggested that “for every H-1B visa that is granted, nearly two jobs are created for native-born Americans.”

During a National Journal Live event this week, Schulte said believes “that there should be a path of legal status and citizenship for the undocumented” and that our immigration system should be predicated on allowing for “the best and the brightest along with people who are unskilled to come” to the United States.

The National Journal has since made the video private.

Contrary to Schulte’s “purposely” misconstrued comments, there aren’t enough STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) jobs to accommodate close to 74% of graduates with those degrees. During an appearance on the Laura Ingraham Show that same day, professor of public policy at Howard University and H-1B and immigration expert Ron Hira explained that Schulte was “misrepresenting” a study from which he was quoting”

[The study] doesn’t say that there’s two jobs created and we know that many H-1B’s are actually replacing American workers and that Southern California Edison, even at a place like Disney and the Disney CEO who’s been taking home tens of millions of dollars, is actually on the board of another one of these front groups called the Partnership for A New American Economy that Michael Bloomberg has been heading. At the same time, he’s advocating for more H-1B’s, he’s bringing in more H-1B’s to replace his American workers.

It is not secret that companies such as Southern California Edison, and most recently Disney Land, are forcing American workers to train their H-1B replacements who then wind up taking their jobs. Schulte’s comments, however skewed, should come as no surprise however. been openly lobbying for raising the cap on the number of H-1B visas permitted annually — an offshoot of President Obama’s comprehensive immigration reform program, also known as Executive Amnesty. Furthermore, venture capitalist Lars Dalgaard who is closely affiliated with threw the American worker under the bus during a similar National Journal Live interview in which he suggested that the American STEM and IT workers are being laid off and replaced with foreign H-1B visas workers because they “don’t work hard enough.”

At a time when American workers are licking their wounds from a crippling recession and seeking to both enter the workforce and reestablish themselves, it should go without saying that these are the people who should naturally receive the focus. Yet, corporate greed, specifically from the tech sector, is behind the push for flushing out the American worker with foreign H-1B visa-wielding replacements.

Hira suggests Schulte’s appearances to lobby on behalf of this cause on Capitol Hill are an issue of money. “ is spending tens of millions of dollars, in multiple ways, both on the PR side, on funding research,” which leaves little room for anyone to compete with them. He said that also allows them to misrepresent essentially anything they wish to push in a similar fashion.

Because I know the other side is just going to be able to misrepresent whatever they want.They don’t have that level of integrity. They don’t have that moral compass that they’re tethered to and so they can just make things up and make these statements. But, because they’ve got so many millions of dollars no one calls them on it.

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