Poll: GOP Rises, Clinton Collapses In Crucial Swing States

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Despite the best efforts of the media to report the details of Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal but not let it disqualify her (like they would do to a Republican), the former First Lady’s poll numbers continue to implode. A new Quinnipiac poll shows her support cratering in the crucial swing states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The big news is that while Trump doesn’t do as well as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio against Clinton, he is most certainly a player; just a few points behind. The argument that the billionaire businessman can’t win a general election is  now a non-starter. This is also backed up by two national polls that show Trump within striking distance of Clinton.

Trump’s favorability ratings and his numbers on the issues of honest and trustworthy are awful when compared to Bush and Rubio. What’s striking is that Clinton’s are just as bad.

More terrible news for Clinton is that in these three vital states, Vice President Joe Biden is a stronger candidate against the GOP. On top of that, in the Democrat primary, Clinton is below 50% support in all three states. This means a majority of Democrats want someone else as their standard-bearer.

Rubio beats Hillary in all three states. Bush beats Hillary in Florida and Pennsylvania. Trump beats Hillary in Florida.



Jeb beats Hillary 49% to 38%

Rubio beats Hillary 51% to 39%

Trump beats Hillary 43% to 41%


Jeb beats Biden 51% to 38%

Rubio beats Biden 48% to 42%

Biden beats Trump 42% to 45%


Hillary’s favorability rating is upside down 37% – 55%. By a breathtaking margin of 53% – 39%, voters say she is not honest and trustworthy.

Bush’s favorability sits at a healthy 53% – 39% and by a margin of 64% to 28% voters see him as honest and trustworthy. On those same numbers Rubio sits at a positive 52% – 35% and 58% – 30%, respectively.

Trump is upside down on both questions; 36% – 50% and 53% – 39%, respectively.


At 21%, Trump is in first place. Bush is in second at 17%; Rubio and Carson are tied at 11%. This is rather extraordinary when you realize Jeb and Rubio are both Floridians.

Clinton murders all of her Democrat competition but she is below 50% with just 48% support. Sanders and Biden earn 15% and 11%, respectively.




Hillary beats Jeb 41% to 39%

Rubio beats Hillary 42% to 40%

Hillary beats Trump 43% to 38%


Biden beats Bush 42% – 39%

Biden beats Rubio 42% – 41%

Biden beats Trump 48% – 38%


Hillary’s favorability rating is an awful 36% – 54%. On the issue of honesty she is upside down 60% – 34%. Jeb’s favorability is upside down 39% – 43%, but he is at a healthy 54% – 35% on the issue of honesty. Rubio is rightside up on both issues; 40% – 21% and 45% to 24%, respectively.

Trump’s numbers are in the negative on both issues; 32% – 54% and 43%- 37%, respectively.


Ohio governor John Kasich sits in the lead at 27%. Trump is in a close second place with 21%. Everyone else is in single digits. Rubio 7%, Carson 6%, Bush 5%.

Clinton is again below 50% with just 47% support. Sanders and Biden earn respective support of 17% and 14%.




Bush beats Hillary 43% – 40%

Rubio beats Hillary 47% – 40%

Hillary beats Trump 45% – 40%


Bush beats Biden 43% to 42%

Rubio beats Biden 44% to 41%

Biden beats Trump 48% to 40%

The favorability and honesty numbers for all four candidates almost perfectly mirrors Ohio and Florida.


Trump smashes the competition with 24% support. Carson, Rubio, and Bush trail with 13%, 10%, and 6%, respectively.

Hillary earns the support of 45% of Democrats; Sanders 19%, Biden 17%.


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