Democrat Stumbles Over Questions on Planned Parenthood Videos

Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor and current Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores (D-Las Vegas) speaks at a get-out-the-vote rally at the Springs Preserve on October 28, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton spoke at the event while stumping for Nevada Democrats one week before the November 4th …
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Democrats are starting to get tough questions about their association with Planned Parenthood and it’s not going well. In an interview with Nevada journalist and regular MSNBC guest Jon Ralston, a Planned Parenthood-backed Democrat congressional candidate, rising star Lucy Flores, got roasted for her support of Planned Parenthood (and a whole bunch of other things).

Ralston plays a clip from the series of videos released by the Center for Medical Progress of an “ex-procurement technician” describing an abortion doctor starting the heart of an “aborted” baby. He then asks:

“You can’t tell me you’re not disturbed by that?”

Flores responds by trying to attack the messenger, claiming that it’s a “smear campaign” and then tries to dismiss the videos as being “produced.” Ralston didn’t let her get away with it.

When she tries to trot out the “highly edited” talking point, Ralston shoots her down again by pointing out the full videos have been posted online.

Flores does everything she can to avoid talking about the horrible content of the videos. She calls the video makers “extremist” and “anti-choice, and says they want to take away “a women’s right to be self determentive, to make decisions for herself, and take control of her reproductive rights.”

Ralston doesn’t let her change the subject, hammering the question home: “… when you look at something like that and some of these other videos you know that they are SELLING BODY PARTS they say not for a profit, you hear a women talking about a beating heart, I don’t understand why that’s not disturbing to you, at all.  Even if your fervently, like you are, pro-choice..”

After exhausting all her prepared talking points she really falls apart.

“…of course they’re not selling body parts, when you a say a body part you think of a full arm or whatever the case may be.”

There you have it folks, Planned Parenthood isn’t selling body parts because hearts, brains, and livers don’t count as body parts, only “full arms or whatever the course may be.”

(The Planned Parenthood stuff starts at about the 11 minute mark)

Lucy Flores was tapped by the Harry Reid political machine to be the Democrat candidate for Nevada’s Lt. Governor in 2014. She lost badly 60-34 percent, but is hoping she’ll have better luck running for Congress in a district where Democrats have a voter registration advantage. She no longer enjoys Reid’s support but she is getting support from national left wingers.

Her interview with Ralston was a total disaster even without the Planned Parenthood meltdown. Ralston grills her hard about losing support from Reid and the lack of issues on her website. She said she didn’t have an issues section because she was being “frugal.” This had the feel of a political-career-ending catastrophe for a once promising Democrat.

Bravo to Jon Ralston for asking the tough questions. He gives headaches to Republicans and Democrats who try to pass talking points as actual arguments.


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