DAVI: Donald Trump Will Demand Respect for the Office

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Whether you agree with him or not, Donald Trump continues to be the candidate of authenticity.

His unwavering approach to speaking his mind unfiltered, direct, and without apology displays the quality of leadership. For years we have been numbed, drugged, deadened, and castrated from being able to speak one’s mind.

We have think tanks, strategists, pundits, media consultants, politicians, focus surveys, special interest groups, and mainstream media, selling us an America that is slowly slipping into the abyss. America , has had her tongue ripped out so that all we hear is a muffled voice grunting out the sounds of political correctness .

The linguistics of communication has been perfected by the left for many years, dominating culture: the silent majority has been left without a voice. Until now. For the first time there is someone who knows how to dominate the culture and deliver a message.

In Iowa, Trump had a press conference and rally. Some telling moments that have been overlooked by the media come to mind. Let me bring up the first .

I am currently in Macau performing at a special event for the United Nations on a very exciting project (more about this at another time).

I, of course, have the TV on while in my hotel room. A clip that continues to be shown is Trump and the reporter—Jorge Ramos—from Univision.

While the media interprets this in a variety of ways, here is a different angle. I was in the bar at the hotel with my friend, talented musician/record producer Robin Dimaggio. We were speaking of Trump when he brought up the incident he read about with Trump and the Univision reporter.

The headline Robin read was only a quick soundbite. and that if that is all one read you would not get the full picture and think Trump bullied the reporter. This is not what happened . 

This began a discussion of what really happened. I described the situation to Robin. The reporter was disrespectful, led out, and then returned to have a dialogue with Trump. When Robin got the full report and not the intended misrepresentation by a newspapers headline, His eyes widened and said, ”I wonder if in the 30s, 40s, 50, 60s a reporter would have ever dared to be so belligerent in a press conference.”

Trump is demanding respect for the office. It’ s about time someone is demanding respect and decorum from the media. The office of President has been so trampled on and there is a lack of respect. You see, Robin is right. Politicians are so frightened of coming across as unlikable that they have been compromised and goose-stepped into a certain behavior. And herein lies another aspect of why Trump resonates. The dissipation of our country’s culture and values is tied to the respect for the office of President. 

Most politicians on the right are so fearful of being politically incorrect that they would never tell a belligerent to “SIT DOWN and wait your turn” as Trump did, especially one from the hispanic community. Respect is what is at issue here, and Trump is demanding. He’s doing so not only for himself, but for America.

Let me add that there are many in the UN that have respect for Trump. Does that shock you?

Yes, Ambassadors and Diplomats are absolutely buzzing about Trump in a very positive way. This is while in China and I am hearing it first hand. We also see he does not pander. We hear talk of how others can speak spanish as if this should be a quality that gets them elected ! Instead Trump says , “SPEAK ENGLISH , this is America.”

Do you think for one second, at the turn of the century when there was a huge influx of immigrants from Italy (my Grandparents included), a presidential candidate would have said, “Hey and I speak Italian!!” 

Trump does not pander. So let me tell you how wrong the mainstream media is. Our political class, media, educators, and culture have so disrespected our Great Big Beautiful land called America that I will call it the greatest abuse to a woman ever committed . Remember. there are those whose battle cry is “God Damn America.”

Trump’s battle cry is “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” His messaging and delivery is the most positive of any Presidential candidate I have heard since Ronald Reagan. And no wonder, at the same press Conference we learned that the church Trump attended was under the ministry of Norman Vincent Peale. If you haven’t heard of him or read his book The Power of Positive Thinking, you should. Trump reminisced that he would sit in church listening to the sermons of that Great man and did not want the service to end. Read this to understand a bit of who Peale was:

President Ronald Reagan awarded Peale, for his contributions to the field of theology, the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest civilian honor in the United States) on March 26, 1984.

The Reverend Billy Graham said at the National Council of Churches on June 12, 1966 that “I don’t know of anyone who had done more for the kingdom of God than Norman and Ruth Peale or have meant any more in my life for the encouragement they have given me.”

Upon hearing of Peale’s death, U.S. President Bill Clinton had this to say:

The name of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale will forever be associated with the wondrously American values of optimism and service. Dr. Peale was an optimist who believed that, whatever the antagonisms and complexities of modern life brought us, anyone could prevail by approaching life with a simple sense of faith. And he served us by instilling that optimism in every Christian and every other person who came in contact with his writings or his hopeful soul. In a productive and giving life that spanned the 20th century, Dr. Peale lifted the spirits of millions and millions of people who were nourished and sustained by his example, his teaching, and his giving.

I have brought this to your attention because it was an aside in Trumps press conference and no one in the media understood the importance of this. Nor did any mention it. It was not lost on me and it should not be on you.


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