Sharyl Attkisson and Batt Humphreys Debut New Show ‘Full Measure’

Sharyl Attkisson

A new Sunday morning news show wants to up the journalism game in Washington, D.C. and bring investigative storytelling to the forefront of the political discussion ahead of the 2016 presidential election. It will aim to avoid the same “white guys from Capitol Hill” that other Sunday programs repeatedly present.

“Journalism happens…even in this town,” Batt Humphreys told Breitbart News during the launch party of his new show, Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson. 

Humphreys, the executive producer of the new program, told Breitbart News he and Attkisson wanted to bring something different to the Sunday programs, as most networks have the same typical talking heads for every show.

“The shows are the same format for decades,” Humphreys explained. “When I talked to Sinclair, I said if that’s what they wanted, they can find someone else because there are six other networks that are doing that. And that’s not what we’re interested in.”

Sinclair Television Group, which owns 162 local television stations across the country, will carry the show.

Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson will be the first program produced by Sinclair, which reaches 38 percent of America’s homes. Most stations plan to air the show Sundays at 9:30 A.M.

Former CBS News and award winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson will host the show. Humphreys, who is also a CBS News veteran, will serve as the show’s executive producer.

Attkisson shared the same mission Humphreys did – more investigative storytelling.

“We will not be doing as much talking heads and politics and we won’t [be] like any other Sunday show,” Attkisson explained to Breitbart News. “We will have original reports and investigations focused on government and corporate accountability with a special interest on under-served angles or stories.”

“We won’t be deciding our coverage on the basis of pleasing any interest,” Attkisson promised.

Attkisson’s first show sheds light on the migrant and immigrant crisis affecting one specific American town, providing how the positives of immigration can also come with negatives.

As immigration is a huge topic for the 2016 presidential race, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump – who has been vocal against illegal immigration – will be Attkisson’s first guest.

“Sharyl’s a great storyteller, and that’s the primary thing that is different about what we’re doing. It’s just the stories have teeth and meat and purpose,” Humphreys explained. “I think the key thing for what we do and the realm that we do, a lot of it is about the storytelling that we’re doing. We are structuring stories that are based on with an investigative base and that certainly is not in the Sunday morning sphere.”