‘Sieg Heil’: DC Media and Black Lives Matter Collaborate to Disrupt Trump Events

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Considering the sleazebag operation Ben Smith runs, it would not surprise anyone to learn that there is a direct collaboration between BuzzFeed and the Black Lives Matter protesters currently organizing massive disruptions at Donald Trump’s campaign events. Regardless, the collaboration is at the very least unspoken, and not just with BuzzFeed. The entire DC Media Complex is sending out a loud and clear message: If you disrupt these campaign events, we promise to make Trump rallies look like Nazi gatherings.

Think about how perfectly what happened Monday night in Las Vegas fits with the Narrative Trap the media is currently attempting to set for Trump.

Just one day after the New York Times compared Trump supporters to Nazis, at last night’s rally, a so-called “Trump supporter” yelled “Sieg Heil!” as a Black Lives Matter protester was hauled away by security.

And get this, BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins just happened to be nearby, not just to witness a different melee but to record a Trump supporter saying, “Light the motherf***er on fire!”

Does that sound just a tad too neat to you?

  1. New York Times compares Trump supporters to Nazis.
  2. The very next day a “Trump supporter” (who was probably a left-wing plant) yells “Sieg Heil!”
  3. A BuzzFeed reporter looking for all the publicity he can get to sell a book no one will read, just happens to be in the right place at the right time in a huge hotel-casino complex.

It’s not just BuzzFeed. NBC News, the same NBC News that poured more than a half-billion dollars into left-wing news outlets such as Vox and, yes, BuzzFeed, are also pushing the Nazi meme.

Our own Joel Pollak was at the rally and has a take that makes a lot more sense than the coordinated spin oozing out of the DC Media today:

The notion that “Sieg heil” might have been shouted ironically–as leftist protestors occasionally do at police–seems  not to have occurred to [NBC’s] Sarlin, who perhaps should not leave his “safe space.”

Thanks to his NBC report, Trump’s event is being described by critics as a Nazi rally.

The truth, as I reported (and live-Tweeted), was that the atmosphere was “rowdy,” but enthusiastic. The heckler was standing on the far left side of an audience with some 2,000 people. The crowd was diverse; Breitbart News spoke to several African-American supporters. No racists or “Nazis” were in evidence.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York was also there and described an organized effort from a number of protesters who — surprise, surprise — received the exact kind of news coverage they had hoped for or were perhaps(?) promised:

The protesters who come to Trump’s events, many of them affiliated with some arm of the Black Lives Matter movement, have refined their techniques. It goes like this: They come to a rally, settle into the crowd, and then one of them begins yelling loudly, causing the crowd to react — usually with a chant of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” — and then the protester tries to make the inevitable security removal as long and as noisy as possible.

Only after all that is done does another protester repeat the process. Then yet another protester does it. With sequential removals, a small group of demonstrators can screw things up for quite a while. …

The next morning, the protests had become the story. “Trump Rally Turns Ugly: ‘Light That Mother—— On Fire!'” read one headline. “Trump Campaign Rally Erupts In Chaos And Ugly Confrontation” read another. “Trump Audience Member Yells Nazi Salute as Protester Removed From Las Vegas Rally” read a third.

York sums up the resulting media coverage:

The cumulative effect is that Trump’s events come to be viewed from the protesters’ perspective. How were they treated? Was security heavy-handed? Was the crowd ugly and racist? How did Trump react?

Don’t put it past our craven, corrupt DC Media to collaborate directly with Black Lives Matter in an organized effort to take Trump down. Undoubtedly, more than a few relationships were created between our media and these protestors as they worked hand-in-hand to burn down Ferguson and Baltimore.

But even if the coordination is not direct-direct, it is still direct enough.

The news coverage of the protests is a direct message to the protesters that what they are doing is working, and that they should keep it up. The message is clear: Get in the event, raise hell, plant someone there to do a Nazi salute, and your allies in the DC Media will smear Trump and his supporters as the Third Reich.

With their ridiculous, shrill, non-skeptical coverage, the media is openly and intentionally encouraging the disruption of America’s democratic process.

Our media is made up almost entirely of desperate, dishonest left-wing activists, and there is no barrel bottom they will not scrape to elect Hillary Clinton.

This is also the exact same Playbook the exact same media used against the Tea Party.  And lying is a big part of that Playbook.


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