Smoking Gun: The GOP Establishment Cannot Beat Hillary Clinton. Period.


An early Christmas present arrived Christmas Eve in the form of what, at first glance, looked like the usual-usual CNN filler on the slow news day.  What it really was, though, is final confirmation that the Republican Establishment does not have the killer instinct necessary to defeat Hillary Clinton. They have no chance of winning. None. Zero. Nada. Zippo.

Below is a transcript of a segment with CNN anchor Kate Bolduan and Ana Navarro, a confidante of Jeb Bush, and someone who is very much a part of the GOP Establishment.

The context of the segment surrounds the War on Women attacks Clinton is already revving up against the GOP, specifically frontrunner Donald Trump. Trump immediately returned fire via Twitter, warning Clinton not to “go there.”

BOLDUAN: Ana, I think you’re with it now. The war on women argument has worked against Republicans in the past. Do you think Bill Clinton is the best defense against it?

NAVARRO: Absolutely not. Frankly, Kate, I can think of few things to kill the Christmas spirit that would be better than, you know, dragging decades of Bill Clinton’s sexual history on national TV today.

So Merry Christmas to our viewers. (LAUGHTER) No, you know what, leave it alone, for God’s sakes. If Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton has worked out their marriage and have worked out their situation, that’s their business, not ours. I think there’s plenty, plenty to pick on, plenty to scrutinize her on, plenty to ask her about, that are policy-related issues. We don’t have to get into these sordid issues, sordid affairs that have been litigated so many other times in the past. I, frankly, don’t see the purpose of it.

BOLDUAN: As a Christmas gift to you, Ana, I’m going to ask you a question that does not involve Bill Clinton at this moment. So, merry Christmas to you.

NAVARRO: Thank God.

Stick a fork in the Establishment, these serial losers are stuck in 1982.

First off, what you see here is the Establishment once again rolling over to accept the phony premise of a left-wing anchor’s intentionally-misleading and biased question.

Contrary to what Navarro says, what is primarily at issue here is not the Clintons’ marriage. What is primarily at issue here is not “their situation” or “their business” or what has “been litigated so many other times in the past.”

The issue here is something that has nothing to do with the personal relationship between Bill and Hillary Clinton, and it certainly has nothing to do with what has already been publicly litigated.

CNN knows the public has no interest in re-litigating the Clinton’s bizarre relationship or Bill’s serial infidelities; which is why Bolduan dishonestly frames the question in this way. And the Establishment is apparently fully prepared to play along and abide by the same DC Media rules that cost us the 2008 and 2012 elections.

If you let the corrupt media set the debate terms, Republicans lose because those rules are always structured in a way to benefit Democrats. Creepy, extremist, dishonest issues that should have disqualified Barack Obama from running for dog catcher, much less president (Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, hidden records, and Benghazi), were declared OFF LIMITS. Unable to take the media pressure, John McCain and Mitt Romney surrendered.

In preparation to usher Hillary Clinton into the White House, as we saw on CNN the night prior, when Don Lemon shut off the microphone of a guest who dared raise the issue, the DC Media is declaring off-limits numerous reports damaging to Hillary that come from numerous women who claim to be victims of rape, groping, sexual harassment and other forms of sexual abuse.

The alleged abuser here is Bill Clinton (who did in fact settle a sexual harassment suit). The issue here, however, is Hillary Clinton, who stands accused of defaming, threatening, and attempting to personally destroy these women in an effort to silence them — to protect their abuser.

Trump understands the potency of the Democrats’ phony War on Women card. Trump also understands that when it comes to playing that card, the DC Media is a huge ally to Democrats. This is why Trump long ago positioned his chess pieces to immediately shut down these phony attacks.

Using the truth, Trump will GO THERE. In return, as we saw with Wright, Ayers, Rezko, and Benghazi, the DC Media will attempt to make it blowback on him. But as we have seen with everything else our lying media has attempted to cover up, Trump will not back down.

On the other hand, our lily-livered Republican Establishment, fearing this media blowback and too incompetent to deal with it, will just roll over and lose the 2016 election. Hillary and her DC Media allies will manufacture another Todd Akin, and the GOP will respond by once again assuming the fetal position.


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