Passive Aggressive: Beck Attacks Trump Thru Obscure Site – ‘I Don’t Think He Hates Jews’


In a Facebook post on Saturday night, Glenn Beck linked to an article on an obscure hate site attacking conservative talk radio host Mark Levin. Beck then speculated as to whether GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was an antisemite.

Here is Beck’s post in its entirety:

Now Mark Levin, is not just a sell out – he is a “filthy Jew”.

Where are we headed?

As studies have shown there are those who like a strong man figure. It doesn’t mean the candidate likes or agrees with them, but authoritarians love progressives.

Look at this horrible attack now on Mark Levin.

I don’t recognize my country anymore. If this was any other candidate the press would demand that the candidate distance themselves from these people.

I am going to assume Trump would despise these people as much as I do. I may not agree with him but I don’t think he hates Jews.

But, Hatred begets hatred. Only light can dispel hatred and fear.

We need a leader that doesn’t set the example of name calling.


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