Former Spokesman Jay Carney: Obama ‘Wants Hillary to Win the Nomination’

In this handout provided by the White House, U.S. President Barack Obama has lunch with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on the patio outside the Oval Office, July 29, 2013 in Washington, D.C.
Chuck Kennedy/White House via Getty Images

Former White House press secretary Jay Carney says President Obama wants Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 Democratic nomination.

“I don’t think there is any doubt that he wants Hillary to win the nomination and believes that she would be the best candidate in the fall and the most effective as president in carrying forward what he’s achieved,” said Carney on CNN.

Obama, in public, has maintained neutrality in the race, meeting with both candidates to discuss the election while trying to remain above the fray. He has not ruled out an endorsement, but says he prefers not to get involved until a nominee has been chosen.

But Carney isn’t as reticent.

“I think the President has signaled, while still remaining neutral, that he supports Secretary Clinton’s candidacy and would prefer to see her as the nominee,” Carney said. “He won’t officially embrace her unless and until it’s clear that she’s going to be the nominee. I think he is maintaining that tradition of not intervening in a party primary.”


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