Donald Trump: Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz Attack Ads ‘All Lies,’ ‘Don’t Believe the Crap’


GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said the attack ads against him from fellow candidates Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Ted Cruz are “all lies” paid for by special interests.

“I just hope you don’t believe the crap,” Trump said to his supporters during his campaign rally in Baton Rouge on Thursday night, adding the ads are “all lies.”

He also said he’s tired of labels, specifically people questioning whether or not he’s a true conservative.

“I’m a guy with commonsense,” he charged, adding that he’s “going to make us a fortune.”

“We had a tremendous victory in New Hampshire,” Trump said, shifting the topic to Tuesday’s primary win, adding, “We won every category” of the electorate.

“The people of New Hampshire turned out in record numbers,” the real estate mogul touted. “Even the pundits that hate me said, ‘That’s amazing!’”

“I laugh, they talk about the establishment…you know, they’re trying to pick their establishment [candidate],” Trump said. “You can have your establishment!”

Trump went on to bash Bush for spending nearly $40 million on ads in New Hampshire but only coming in fourth place.


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