Confirmed: Disarray Inside Donald Trump’s Campaign as Ted Cruz Gains Ground

Manafort and Lewandowsky CNN
Washington, DC

A source close to Donald Trump’s campaign verified Politico’s recent report of “disarray” inside Donald Trump’s campaign. “There’s truth to that,” the veteran political strategist said.

Breitbart News learned that the Trump campaign is struggling to organize and settle the power struggle inside the campaign after new-hire Paul Manafort was brought on to lead the campaign’s delegate strategy.

Manafort met with Trump on Wednesday to discuss strategy.

Also, CNN reported a potential shake-up with Trump’s campaign staff. “Campaign changes could be in the works after the billionaire lost the Wisconsin primary and is facing an uphill climb to clinch the Republican presidential nomination before the convention,” CNN said.

CNN adds that Manafort is embracing a more expanded role, which raises questions about Trump’s current campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s future leading the campaign.

Lewandowski on Monday pushed back on talk that his role is shrinking and emphasized that new hires are needed as the campaign goes forward. “This is like a small business,” Lewandowski told CNN. “You start off small and there’s a core group of people and then you have some success and the business grows.”

While the disarray brews inside the Trump campaign, the Cruz campaign is focusing on select areas of New York and Pennsylvania.

Because polls aren’t looking good for Cruz in Trump’s home state of New York, Breitbart News learned the Texas senator’s campaign is planning on targeting select areas where they’re able to gain the most votes.

Trump’s campaign, which allegedly has no internal polling, will be campaigning in New York at large, while Cruz will hit select places, capitalizing on his campaign data to ensure more of his voters turn out than his opponents.

“Consistently, they’re going to have time to chip away at him,” the source said about the Cruz campaign’s ground game against Trump, adding, “Right now, it looks like Cruz is dominating the [delegate] selection process” in various states.