Politico: Obama Will Push Transgender, ‘Gender Identity,’ Rules on all K-12 Schools


President Barack Obama will step up his campaign to change the laws and social expectations about the sexual development of children in schools, according to Politico.

Politico’s report shows that Obama’s agenda goes much further than allowing a few “transgender” youths to use bathrooms or locker rooms reserved for kids of the opposite sex.

The new rules will restrict and suppress the views of the vast majority of normal students, and will create procedures to keep parents in the dark about their kids’ government-supported experiments in “gender identity.”

“The Obama administration is expected in coming weeks to aggressively reinforce its position that transgender student rights are fully protected under federal law,” according to Politico. “Multiple agencies are expected to be involved … the legal protections include providing transgender students with not just access to bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identity but also affording them protections from bullying, harassment and sexual violence, and a right to privacy concerning their transgender status and transition,” Politico reports.

The new campaign could help Democratic turnout in 2016, Politico says. “The building political war over transgender rights has drawn vehement protest from the right and exposed and exacerbated simmering tensions within the Republican Party — and proven to be an effective issue for Democrats to use to mobilize their base.”

The scope of Obama’s pending demands are unclear — but hints are emerging from school districts around the nation.

Schools are facing financial threats from federal lawyers and from spending agencies who say a 2014 Department of Justice letter has converted a decades-old law intended to bar sexual discrimination into a new kind of law that provides federal support and legal protection for people who wish to change their “gender identity” into something between male and female.

GOP legislators gave up their chance to stop Obama’s campaign when House Speaker Paul Ryan and his deputies imposed no budget restrictions on Obama’s regulators during the December 2015 budget votes.

Federal agencies are using their funding and the 2014 letter to force schools to adopt “gender identity” programs which junk parents’ expectation that schools not divert children from the normal growth path from childhood through adolescence to adulthood, marriage and parenting.

In Oregon, for example, Breitbart has reported how the state’s school officials have issued a new set of rules that would require teachers to support young children who want to experiment with a new “gender identity,” even without their parent’s knowledge.

The far-reaching rules are included in a 15-page “guidance” to school districts, titled “Creating a Safe and Supportive School Environment for Transgender Students,” … the new regulation endorses the claim that there are many sex-related categories between male and female. The guidance provides a list of 15 “definitions” with which school districts should accept, including “assigned sex,” “cisgender,” “gender binary,” “gender sensitive,” “genderqueer,” and “intersex.”

[Sex] courses in Oregon school districts must contain “inclusive materials, language, and strategies that recognizes different sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expression,” the new rules say.

Oregon school officials also must prevent schoolyard criticism of “gender identity” youths, and must ensure they can participate in sports and social activities…

The new rules state that the student – regardless of age – should decide his or her gender, regardless of science. “The person best situated to determine a student’s gender identity is the individual student,” the department states.

State officials may choose to hide school support for a child’s choice of “gender identity,” the document suggests. “Transgender students may not want their parents to know about their transgender identity,” but school districts “should balance the goal of supporting the student with the requirement that parents be kept informed about their children,” the document said.

Conservatives say youths are harmed when they’re pushed off the normal development path from childhood to adulthood. For example, the suicide rate among transgender people is very high, according to Dr. Paul McHugh, a transgender expert who wrote in 2015 that:

At Johns Hopkins [university hospital], after pioneering sex-change surgery, we demonstrated that the practice brought no important benefits. As a result, we stopped offering that form of treatment in the 1970s. Our efforts, though, had little influence on the emergence of this new [gender] idea about sex, or upon the expansion of the number of “transgendered” among young and old … The most thorough follow-up of sex-reassigned people—extending over thirty years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of the transgendered—documents their lifelong mental unrest. Ten to fifteen years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to twenty times that of comparable peers.

Obama’s 2016 plans are also likely to match his policy in North Carolina, where his agencies are also stepping up their pressure on the state government to gut a popular compromise bathroom privacy bill.

The bill, HB2, simply requires people to begin medical treatment and to official change their details on their birth certificate before they can use a bathroom designated for the opposite sex. The bill was passed last month to replace a city ordinance in Charlotte, which set no rules to verify claims of transgender status. The city simply allowed men to walk into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, providing only that they claim to have a female “gender identity.”

That no-test policy is favored by progressives who wish to promote the idea of “gender fluid” sexuality in the place of what they decry as the “gender binary” of normal male and female sexuality that is favored by the vast majority of Americans and voters.

Obama’s agencies are pushing this would-be “gender fluid” sexual revolution.

On Friday, for example, Obama’s departments of transportation and urban development threatened to block federal funds for North Carolina unless the HB2 privacy bill is junked. The Justice Department has already demanded that the governor promise by Monday not to enforce the law, which was properly passed through the state legislature.

Obama’s departments and agencies are being backstopped by many business groups, such as Target, who are demanding that privacy laws be gutted to help aid the population of people who say they’re transgender. According to one study of the 2010 census, that population of transgenders amounts to 1 in every 2,400 Americans, or 0.03 percent of the adult population. Prominent advocates of transgender ideology, however, claim the population reaches all the way up to 0.3 percent.

But these gender-bending policies are risky for the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton, who is hoping to win many votes from mothers.

Target is now facing a growing consumer boycott and its brand is being tarnished. A national poll shows a rapid increase in support for single-sex bathrooms.

The GOP’s conservative style, however, is much easier to defend in public. For example, after initial flubs, Donald Trump said that local communities — not the federal government — should decide local privacy rules. “I think that local communities and states should make the decisions,” he went on to say. “And I feel very strongly about that. The federal government should not be involved,” he said April 21.


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