Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Votes for John Kasich in Primary

Donald Trump (L) and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger cast his ballot for president in California; however, it was not for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. Schwarzenegger thinks the best man for the job of president is Governor John Kasich–the same John Kasich who dropped out of the race last month.

Los Angeles Times’ reporter Seema Mehta inquired on Twitter whom the former governor voted for in the primary. Daniel Ketchell, a Schwarzenegger’s spokesman, responded, “I can confirm he voted for Kasich”:

According to Variety, “Ketchell said that he didn’t know when or if Schwarzenegger would endorse a candidate in the presidential race. In an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press last week, Schwarzenegger said he would ‘make an announcement before the election. You can be sure of that. But I will do it my way. Which is always an unusual way.’”

This puzzling move by Schwarzenegger came after weeks of speculation that he would not endorse business mogul Donald Trump. Schwarzenegger is replacing Trump as host of his famous TV show The Apprentice. However, the main point of contention between the two men, the reason why Schwarzenegger did not endorse Trump before the California primary, is rumored to be climate change.

The dissension in the Republican party seems to be growing by the day. On Tuesday, Senators Lindsey Graham and Mark Kirk publicly reversed their endorsement of Donald Trump for president and encouraged others to do the same. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan also came out Tuesday and condemned Trump for his controversial remarks about Judge Gonzalo Curiel, of Mexican heritage, who is presiding over the Trump University case.


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