Pro-Life Millennials Launch Middle School Program To Challenge Planned Parenthood’s Influence

Dan Fleuette
Dan Fleuette

The nation’s largest organization of pro-life millennials is launching an education initiative focused on middle school age students whose public schools already allow abortion business Planned Parenthood access to them through “comprehensive” sex education programs.

Students for Life of America (SFLA) says its new initiative will be “the alternate voice to the abortion industry,” and will provide resources to middle schoolers that will “counter the infiltration of the abortion industry led by Planned Parenthood.”

In a statement announcing the initiative, SFLA explains the concept for the new program was created as a result of a partnership with education professionals who advised about the best way to teach students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades about abortion.

“Years ago this program wasn’t necessary but, sadly, today it is,” says Kristan Hawkins, president of SFLA. “Planned Parenthood and their allies are relentless in their pursuit to talk to students in all grade levels because they are recruiting long-term clients. But we are pushing back.”

Hawkins explains that with the launch of the new program, SFLA will now be talking to the same middle schoolers in an effort to “stop them from becoming clients of the largest abortion vendor in the country.”

Middle schoolers who join their schools’ student pro-life groups will now be using a workbook and guide – similar to the type of program already used in SFLA’s groups in high schools and colleges

The pro-life group says five middle school Students for Life groups launched and signed up for the new program even prior to its official start-up.

“SFLA wants to reach these students first, building a relationship with them and putting them in touch with mentors in their community where they can turn to for real help,” Hawkins says. “Through the Middle School Initiative, we can put a stop to Planned Parenthood’s dangerous grasp on our nation’s children, and we can end abortion before it happens by equipping young students with a solid education on pro-life issues and the tools they need to be resources to their peers.”

Hawkins adds SFLA has received a tremendous response to the new program, with many supporters of the organization asking about how to move the curriculum into their own community schools.

“We are thrilled at the response and look forward to creating a national network of middle school pro-life groups and educators,” she says.

Some states are beginning to address parents’ concerns about mandatory sex education classes in public schools, taught primarily by Planned Parenthood – which profits from abortions. The giant of the industry has also joined with the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to promote LGBTQ-inclusive sex education in classrooms.

In Alaska, for example, the state has passed sex education restrictions that require the curriculum to be approved by local school districts and open to review by parents, an idea that the spokeswoman for the local Planned Parenthood affiliate in the state finds “dangerous.”

Jessica Cier of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii said the state’s governor “failed Alaskan youth by choosing to support the dangerous restrictions on sexual health education that will now become law in Alaska.”

She added the new restrictions are “a crushing blow for comprehensive and medically accurate sexual health education in Alaska,” and that it serves to “block students from accessing the sex education they need on safe sex and healthy relationships.”

“Every single guest speaker, every curriculum, and even every piece of paper being used must be individually approved by each school board,” Cier complained, ultimately revealing the freedom sex education programs run by Planned Parenthood have enjoyed.

In Oklahoma, Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill into law in June that requires the state’s Department of Health to develop a program “for the purpose of achieving an abortion-free society.”

As KFOR reported, the Humanity of the Unborn Child Act authorizes the state to design a public information campaign to educate citizens about the developmental stages of unborn babies and alternatives to abortion. The health department will also create an optional curriculum for students in public schools.

Pro-life Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp tweeted out his response to the measure:

The law, which goes into effect November 1, prohibits programs or state employees from referring students for abortions and affirms only those aspects of human sexuality education that are included in science education standards.


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