New Jersey Bill Would Allow Non-Athletes to Earn Varsity Letters


A bill in the New Jersey State Senate would allow high schools to award varsity letters to students competing in non-athletic activities.

The bill, which is sponsored by Republican State Senators, will allow students who participate in non-athletic activities to receive varsity letters.

State Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman claims that the varsity letter is a symbol of pride for athletes. By extending it to all students, Bateman believes that non-athletes will be encouraged to excel in areas other than athletics.

“A varsity letter has become a universal symbol for school pride and student achievement,” Bateman said. “Students who win science, debate or music competitions demonstrate just as much school spirit as those who score a game-winning goal. We need to show these kids that their victories are just as worthy of our praise and admiration.”

State Senator Diane Allen echoed Bateman’s remarks, arguing that academic and artistic achievements are just as important as athletic achievements.

“Earning a varsity letter is one of the most recognizable ways that we honor our high school students,”  Allen said. “Academic and artistic achievements are just as important as athletic success. Many school districts already award varsity letters to those who excel in competitive activities outside of athletics, such as marching band. It is our hope that this legislation will encourage more school districts to do the same.”

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