Police Departments Injecting Humor into 4/20 Posts


Police departments in Bath Township, Michigan, as well as Wyoming, Minnesota, have decided to put a humorous spin on their April 20 posts this year.

The Bath Township Police Department posted a tongue-in-cheek Facebook update Wednesday about settings traps along the highway to ensnare drivers who are driving under the influence of marijuana:

“Its 4/20… We all know what that means. We have traps set up along the roadways in the township looking for people driving while high, which is unacceptable,” the post reads. “Also, we know you are going to say… its a plant, its natural, tax it, blah blah blah. We get it. Legalizing it is not within our powers here at BTPD. Taking you to jail for driving under the influence of marijuana IS within our powers.”

The Wyoming Police Department in Minnesota also posted a similar food trap Twitter update on Wednesday:

“Undercover #420 operations are in place. Discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today. #Happy420,” the police department tweeted.

The Wyoming Police Department also decided to put out a public service announcement with a more serious message after their humorous April 20 post:

“All jokes aside, substance abuse is a real issue. We use tongue in cheek humor to bring attention to those issues,” the police department wrote on Twitter after the initial April 20 post.


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