Jeb Bush Blasts Trump Border Wall Plan, ‘America First’ Doctrine

Jeb Bush

On Monday, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush warned that President Donald Trump’s “America First” doctrine could make the world more dangerous and slammed Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Speaking about Trump’s “America First” foreign policy agenda at the eMerge Americas conference in Miami, Bush supported Trump’s efforts to advance the country’s economic interests before adding that Trump’s “America First” doctrine cannot be used to “pull back, to create walls, to isolate, to say, ‘hey, we’re not a leader anymore.’”

Speaking to a CNBC reporter at the conference, Bush said that would create “a more dangerous world” where “our friends no longer know where we stand and our enemies no longer fear us.”

Bush, who blasted Trump as a “chaos candidate” during the 2016 primary season, reportedly admitted that he got “tire marks” on his forehead for opposing Trump’s immigration policies. According to CNBC, Bush “added that he wants to see the U.S. work with Mexico instead of isolating itself behind a wall. A U.S. collaboration with Mexico, Bush said, will allow the two nations to compete with China.”

But Bush, though, reportedly “supports the idea of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, which his father, George H.W. Bush, helped negotiate in the early 1990s.”

After criticizing Trump’s frequent tweeting, Bush also reportedly said that though he neither supported nor voted for Trump, “he’s our president” and “I want him to succeed.”

“I wanted Barack Obama to succeed, and anything that undermines the presidency weakens our ability to solve problems,” he reportedly said.


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