Facebook Pulls Ad for Country Singer Dustin Collins’ Pro-Second Amendment Song

Dustin Collins’ attempt to boost his pro-Second Amendment song “Cold Dead Hands” amid Democrats’ post-Vegas gun control push quickly met a Facebook shutdown.
Dustin Collins Music/Getty

Dustin Collins’ attempt to boost his pro-Second Amendment song “Cold Dead Hands” amid Democrats’ gun control push following the Las Vegas shooting attack quickly met a Facebook shutdown.

Collins inquired about why Facebook had shut it down and was sent a message saying the boost “doesn’t comply with Advertising policies.”

Dustin reacted by telling his Facebook followers, “Tried to boost my pro-2nd Amendment song on Facebook #denied I guess I’ll have to write a First Amendment song next.”

He then tried to boost “Cold Dead Hands” again, and on October 8, he received a message that said:

So my video I tried to boost below, for my song Cold Dead Hands was denied a 2nd time tonight, hear is the reasoning! Please share and let people know they are suppressing conservative material!!!

Posted by Dustin Collins on Sunday, October 8, 2017

The ad he tried to use to boost his song bore the caption, “Tired of seeing people trash your rights? Let them know how you feel with Cold Dead Hands … a big leap into the real world”:

Finna to plant some freedom seeds and water the tree of liberty with this one!!!#colddeadhands on Apple TV and Spotify

Posted by Dustin Collins on Friday, February 10, 2017

On August 7, Breitbart News published an interview with Collins in which he said:

America was built on guns. We took our freedom from the English. If it wasn’t for guns we’d be having tea and biscuits instead of steak and beer. It’s that kind of thing to me. Without the Second Amendment there is no First Amendment. There’s nothing that stops anybody from coming and taking what you worked hard for. To me it’s just a very simple fact of life; it’s freedom, that’s what owning a gun is. It’s the very foundation of freedom.

Readers can learn about Collins at DustinCollinsMusic.com.

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