VIDEO: Suspected Package Thief Slips on Grass, Injures Leg

A suspected package thief in Washington state had some bad karma coming her way after a surveillance video appeared to show her attempting to steal a package from someone’s front porch.

A suspected package thief in Washington state had some bad karma coming her way after a surveillance video appeared to show her attempting to steal a package from someone’s front porch.

VIDEO: Package Thief Slips, Injures Leg in Snohomish County

Homeowner Lizeth Ababneh of Lynnwood in Snohomish County told KCPQ that her RING and Nest security system captured the moment the unidentified woman grabbed three boxes off her front porch on Friday, shortly after a UPS delivery man dropped off the packages.

As the alleged thief tried to make a getaway, the suspect slipped on the lawn and struggled to get up, according to the video.

She attempted to get up multiple times, even though her leg looked visibly injured. Her alleged accomplice got out of a car parked nearby to carry her to the vehicle, then came back to grab the boxes.

Ababneh said that while she thought the video was comical, the thieves stole medication her husband needed.

The thieves reportedly stole packages from Ababneh’s neighbor’s house that day as well.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

Other thieves have been injured while attempting to steal items.

An alleged thief trying to steal a hat from a store in downtown Los Angeles in October broke his ankle while trying to escape. He appeared to have made a getaway with the hat despite the injury.


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