***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Texas Rally at Border; Beto Headlines Anti-Wall Protest

EL PASO, TEXAS - FEBRUARY 11: President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the El Paso County Coliseum on February 11, 2019 in El Paso, Texas. U.S. President Donald Trump continues his campaign for a wall to be built along the border as the Democrats in Congress are asking …
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President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas, at the U.S. Mexico border, on Monday evening as former Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX), the failed Senate candidate and potential 2020 presidential challenger, headlines an anti-wall counter protest across the street.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates of the dueling rallies. All times eastern. Trump and O’Rourke are expected to speak at 9 PM ET.

10:32: Trump warns there are people in the country who want to impose socialism.

“America will never be a socialist country. Never,” Trump says, saying he wants the world to hear. Crowd chants “USA! USA! USA!”

“We were born free. We will live free. And we will die free,” Trump says.

10:30: Trump, on Syria, says it’s time to bring our troops back home.

10:22: Trump on German Shepherds:

10:17: Trump blasts hypocrites who don’t want walls while living behind walls and gates. He says “rich liberals and wealthy donors” oppose the wall but live behind walls because they want to be safe. Crowd chants “USA! USA! USA!” Trump says sanctuary cities are immoral and open borders are “dangerous” and immoral.

“Safety is the birthright of every American, which is why we must finish the wall. It’s happening,” Trump says, adding that “walls are not immoral.” He said “walls save lives.”

Meanwhile, Beto speaking to people behind a FENCE:

10:14 PM: Trump says “they’re full of crap” when his critics say the border wall did not make a difference in El Paso in reducing crime.

10:12 PM: Trump says “only the dumbest” would should up for their court dates after seeking asylum. He says other countries tell illegal immigrants to “get out. Can’t come in.”

He says this was a system put in by “really dumb people” or those who did not have America’s interests in mind.

10:07 PM: Trump hammers home the point that illegal immigration also hurts legal immigrants–driving down wages, taking up public resources, crime.

10:06 PM: Trump says the media won’t mention that “about 15” (hundreds) showed up to O’Rourke’s rally when they talk about the dueling rallies tomorrow. Trump says his victory is still “driving them crazy” when speaking about the media.

10:05 PM: Trump says he welcomes lawful immigrants who want to strengthen our values.

10:00 PM: “We will never abolish ICE,” Trump says. “I will never sign a bill that forces the mass release of violent criminals into our country. And I will never abolish or in any way mistreat our great heroes from ICE and Border Patrol and law enforcement. Never!”

9:58: Trump says Democrats have never been more out of touch and are now becoming the part of socialism, late-term abortion, open borders, and crime. Trump now talking about Democrats supporting the release of criminal illegal aliens back onto the streets.

9:57 PM: Trump now blasts Northam for wanting to moonwalk before slamming him for his post-term abortion stance. He says “millions of innocent babies are counting on us to protect them” after talking about how Northam will allow doctors to “execute” babies after they are born–“extreme late-term abortion.” He says Democrats must also display the double standard on full display on Virginia. Trump predicts Virginia will go Republican. The Democrat Party has never been more outside the mainstream,” Trump says.

9:56 PM: He also blasts Democrats for allowing babies to be ripped from womb. “What’s that about?”

9:55 PM: Trump warns Democrats are “coming for your freedom” and “your money.” He says it’s never going to happen.

9:53 PM: Trump: Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal like a “high school term paper” that got “low marks.” He wonders how you take a train to Europe. “They want to take away your car, reduce the value of  your home, and put millions of Americans out of work,” Trump says, already making the Green New Deal a big part of his stump speech. Trump also says no other country except America is going to spend trillions on the Green New Deal. He says Democrats want to tear down every building in New York and make them slightly more environmentally friendly. He then blasts them for wanting to raise taxes to “pave the road to socialism.”

Trump also blasts the media fact-checkers for being some of the most dishonest people in the media.

9:52 PM: Trump mocks Ocasio-Cortez’s joke of a Green New Deal and says Democrats want to get rid of plane travel to California and not let people own cows (“farting cows). He blasts Democrats for colluding with the media on Russia collusion stories–again says it’s nothing but a “hoax.”

9:49 PM: Trump says Democrats “have to stop being so angry.” He says the “rest of the world is going in the wrong direction” and “trying to copy what we’ve done here.” He says Democrats need to be partners because there is so much to celebrate but they want to instead be the “radical resistance.”

9:45 PM: Crowd chants “BUILD THE WALL.” When Trump corrects them and says they should chant “Finish The Wall,” the smart crowd still chants: “BUILD THE WALL.”

9:41 PM: Trump says America is now produces the most oil and natural gas in the world.

9:40 PM: Trump talks about the record low unemployment rates for people of color as protesters are escorted out.

9:31 PM: Trump mocks Beto for thinking about running for president fresh off of his LOSS.

Trump says Beto is a “young man” who has “very little going for himself” except for his first name.

“That may be the end of his presidential bid,” Trump says, mocking Beto’s crowd size.

Hundreds for Beto. Thousands for Trump:

9:30 PM: Trump says he hopes he’ll do as well in the second summit in Vietnam with Kim as he did in the first. Trump says 69,000 people signed up (no Gronk jokes or math problems).

9:27 PM: Trump blasts the media for refusing to acknowledge his accomplishments and how well the country is doing. He wonders how he has a 52% approval rating even though nearly all of the stories about him in the mainstream press are negative. He now speaks about his “good, maybe even great” relationship with North Korea’s Kim.

“Some day, they’re going to appreciate us all,” Trump says.

9:25 PM: Trump says the economy is the hottest on earth while the military is now “more powerful than ever before” since he took office.

“America is winning again,” Trump says. “Isn’t that nice?”

9:23 PM: Trump says wall construction started today on the Rio Grande. He says he loves Texas and the people of Texas. “It’s been a great romance,” Trump says. “And we’re only getting stronger together.”

9:20 PM: Trump takes the stage in Texas. Raucous crowd.

9:15 PM: Beto: Citizenship for All Dreamers: “This is where we make our stand.”

Beto gets on stage before Trump and says a bunch of platitudes about being against the wall. Beto says America should welcome migrants, many of whom ride the so-called “Beast” train,  seeking asylum with “open arms.” Beto says no Dreamer should ever fear deportation and “every single one of them” should become U.S. citizens. He says the “original Dreamers”–their parents–should also be given a path to citizenship.

8:55 PM: Trump rally has “Build The Wall” and “Finish The Wall” signs.

8:45 PM: Deal to avoid another shutdown reportedly reached minutes before Trump is set to take the stage at his El Paso rally:

8:35 PM:


8:10 PM: The polite Resistance:

8:05 PM:

7:55 PM: The Resistance:

7:50 PM:

O’Rourke, who has been blasted by amnesty champions like former Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) for being way too moderate on immigration issues, now trying to appeal to the party’s left-wing base on the issue as he ponders a potential presidential run. The “blank slate” who really stood for nothing now trying to stand for something. This isn’t like former President Barack Obama, who was against the Iraq War while many in his party were championing it. Amnesty activists will wonder where O’Rourke was when they were on the front lines before Trump even got into office.

The Salad Bowl protest:

Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX), who replaced O’Rourke in Congress, called on Trump to apologize to El Paso residents for making false claims.


Earlier in the day, Trump mocked the “tiny little line” for Beto’s protest.

Massive lines for Trump’s rally:



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