Nancy Pelosi Meets with Soros-Linked Activists During Guatemala Visit

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi listens to Rep. Norma Torres, D-Calif. speak during a news
AP Photo/Oliver de Ros

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and a delegation of Democrat lawmakers met with a number of left-wing activists and socialist politicians during their visit to Guatemala, some of which have links to billionaire George Soros.

Pelosi and the Democrats made the trip to Guatemala just a few days before the country’s second round of elections, a move that was met with backlash from nationalists and conservatives who demanded the visit be cancelled.

During her visit, Pelosi met with open borders activists such as Helen Mack, who has ties to a multitude of liberal NGOs and who runs the Myrna Mack Foundation — a group partially funded by Soros.

Pelosi said in a statement of the visit:

Later in the day, we engaged in meaningful dialogues with civil society leaders and representatives from international NGOs. The leaders underscored the positive role of U.S.-supported initiatives in ensuring regional stability and the well-being of Guatemalans, which in turn reduces migration to the U.S. The delegation believes that given the proven success of these projects, U.S. support must be restored.

Also amongst the left-wing activists who met with Pelosi were Eduardo Stein and Raquel Zelaya, leaders of the Asociacion de Investigaciones Economicas y Sociales (ASIES) organization, which is supported by Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Guatemalan judge Jazmín Barrios — with links to Soros — met with Pelosi as well.

For more than a month, Guatemalan leftists with connections to Soros and Pelosi have railed against President Trump’s Third Safe Country Agreement with the country. The deal would allow U.S. border officials to block requests for asylum by migrants who pass through Guatemala without asking for asylum in the Central American country.

The agreement would dramatically reduce the chance that migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Africa, and Asia would be released into the U.S. pending an asylum hearing. The federal government has a similar agreement with Canada, which is designed to stop migrants from passing through many safe counties to reach the U.S.

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