‘Choke Me, Motherf*cker!’: Watch Wild Anti-Cop Freak Out at Breonna Taylor Protest

Louisville Metro Police Department / Facebook

A man protesting the death of Breonna Taylor spat on police and got into a struggle with officers trying to arrest him, according to live police video footage of the protests in Louisville Thursday night.

The video shows the cops swarming in on the demonstrator, who then tries to resist arrest.

“Just give us your hand, sir. Just give us your hand; let go of the curb,” one female officer can be heard saying multiple times throughout the video.

“Put your hands behind your back!” a male cop yells.

The female officer says, “Stop fighting!” to which the man yells, “I’m not!” multiple times.

“Relax your arm and give us your hand,” the female cop says.

When the officers are finally able to handcuff him, the man says, “Do it, pussies, pull hard.”

Later in the video, the man screams for “help” as he resists the officers trying to take him into custody.

He then spat in the officers’ faces, according to the officers on the scene. “Be careful, he’s spitting,” one of the officers says in the video.

The man continued to scream for help while someone in the background warned, “There’s blood all over him, be careful.”

The man then starts coughing and making seizure-like motions after being administered medical aid.

He continued to make gasping noises while the police held onto him.

When a police officer asked for his name, the man repeatedly responded, “What’s your badge number?”

“Are you gonna give your name?” the officer replied.

“My name is Jonathan [unintelligible]. What’s your badge number, motherfuckers?”

The incident on camera ended with the man telling police to “choke him, motherfuckers,” before being carried away to a corrections vehicle.


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