Nolte: Media, Democrats Disappointed Chauvin Jury Made the Right Call

Protestors and City of Brooklyn Center Police Officers clash outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department on April 11, 2021 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota after the killing of Daunte Wright. Photo: Chris Tuite/ImageSPACE /MediaPunch /IPX
AP Photo: Chris Tuite/ImageSPACE /MediaPunch /IPX

The false narrative that the Derek Chauvin case divided America is nothing less than a coordinated gaslighting campaign launched by the corporate media and Democrats.

While many people were justifiably disgusted by how the media, Democrats, and the left-wing terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa used the Ku Klux Klan’s playbook to intimidate the Chauvin jury, at the end of the day that doesn’t change what all Americans know: the jury’s verdict was just, and former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd and deserves to go to prison for a long time.

I don’t know of a single person who was okay with what happened to Floyd, who found Chauvin’s actions justifiable, who was not sickened by that video. But because the media and left will simply not allow America to come together they moved the goalposts on this one. Oh, no, they said, if you want unity outrage isn’t enough. No, you must burn and loot Democrat-run cities, you must be okay with mob justice… Well, no decent person is okay with any of that, and so once again the media and Democrats pretended you were either with them or you were a racist.

The left’s disappointment in the Chauvin verdict is palpable… All dressed up to riot and nowhere to go. All prepared to demagogue on cable news and nowhere to go. They are so disappointed that racial arsonists and demagogues such as Barry Obama and His Fraudulency Joe Biden can only spout non sequiturs about how America still lacks “true justice” and this outrage: “For so many, it feels like it took all of that for the judicial system to deliver a just — just basic accountability.”

After a decade of race hoaxes (“white Hispanic” George Zimmerman, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” Jussie Smollett, etc.), the left was so desperate for a legitimate victim to demagogue that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) actually took to the podium after the verdict and spoke for everyone on the left: We’re so happy George Floyd was murdered!

And let’s not forget Democrats were so worried this jury might do the right thing that at the worst possible time both Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Biden deliberately timed incendiary comments hoping to rig the trial with a mistrial – which could still happen on appeal, and nothing would make the left happier than to see Chauvin’s verdict overturned on appeal.

Overall, the media and left are so disappointed that the nonsense narrative coming from all this is that justice has still not been achieved.

“I would not call today’s verdict justice, however, because justice implies true restoration,” Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said.

The media and Democrats are so disappointed in the Chauvin verdict that within minutes of the verdict being announced — and without knowing any of the facts of the case — they immediately moved on to pour racial gasoline all over what they hope will be Derek Chauvin II, a police shooting in Democrat-run Columbus, Ohio.

Don’t you see? The system worked and when the system works, Democrats got nothing else to offer… As we can see from their cities, Democrats are incapable of governing, and we saw during the 2020 presidential election, even after mailing out tens of millions of unsolicited ballots and having billions of dollars in corporate media propaganda on their side, Democrats only just barely beat former President Trump… These monsters only have racial arson to sell and the blackmail of burning down their own neighborhoods for leverage… That’s it.

So while everyday Americans see the Derek Chauvin case as one where the last system any of us trust – the jury system – still works, the disappointed and demoralized Democrats see this as the worst possible outcome for them… Which it most certainly is. Without hate and violence and vision, they got nothing.


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