Franklin Graham Congratulates Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin on Election Victory: ‘Thank You for Your Faith in God’

Evangelist Franklin Graham addresses the Republican National Convention in a pre-recorded

Franklin Graham congratulated Virginia’s Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin on his momentous victory over Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe in Tuesday’s gubernatorial election, stating, “Thank you for your faith in God and for standing strong for His values.”

“Congratulations to Glenn Youngkin on winning the Virginia governor’s race! Thank you for your faith in God and for standing strong for His values,” Graham stated in a Facebook post.

“This win isn’t about Democrat or Republican—this is about people being fed up with socialism and government control at every level of life being pushed down our throats.”

Congratulations to Glenn Youngkin on winning the Virginia governor’s race! Thank you for your faith in God and for…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Wednesday, November 3, 2021

“People are sick of state-forced mandates, critical race theory, and officials trying to take away the rights of parents to be involved in their children’s education,” Graham added. “It’s not just a new day for Virginia, but I believe it’s the beginning of a turnaround and a new day for communities across America as citizens begin to fight back.”

In his acceptance speech early Wednesday morning, Youngkin addressed supporters and campaign workers at Westfields Marriot Washington Dulles in Chantilly, Virginia, as reported by Breitbart News:

“My fellow Virginians, we stand here this morning at this defining moment–a defining moment that yes started with two people on a walk and is a defining moment that is now millions of Virginians walking together,” Youngkin said…. “Together, we will change the trajectory of this Commonwealth. Friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one. There is no time to waste. Our kids can’t wait. We work in real people time, not government time. On day one, we’re going to work. We’re going to restore excellence in our schools.”

In his speech, Youngkin emphasized the importance of parents’ input regarding school curriculums, which was a central issue in the Governor’s race as Virginians have pushed back against Critical Race Theory and transgender policies in schools.

“We’re going to introduce choice within our public school system. How about that — choice within the school system?” he said, according to UPI. “We’re going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents’ input, a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can, teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams to soar.”

Watch Governor-elect Youngkin’s Full Speech Below:

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News


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