Herschel Walker Doesn’t Support Kemp or Perdue: ‘I’m Mad at Both of Them’

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Herschel Walker is endorsing neither Gov. Brian Kemp (R) nor former Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) in the heated Republican primary race for Georgia governor, according to a recording published Wednesday by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Walker, a former football star and frontrunning candidate for U.S. Senate, said while speaking to a group of students at the University of North Georgia this week that he is “mad at both” Kemp and Perdue.

“I don’t support either of them. I’m mad at both of them. I speak the truth, and let me tell you why,” Walker began.

“I’ve known Gov. Kemp since I was 16 years old. I’ve known Sen. Perdue since I was 19. This is what I want to say to everyone here: I want to bring this party together,” Walker said.

Former President Donald Trump has backed both Perdue and Walker, as well as Tenth Congressional District candidate Vernon Jones and lieutenant governor candidate Burt Jones, in his pursuit to defeat Kemp, who Trump says shares blame for his narrow loss to now-President Joe Biden in 2020.

Walker is not choosing sides in the governor’s race though, based on his comments this week, and is instead calling for unity ahead of the general election, when the Republican primary winner will face Stacey Abrams, the well-funded voting rights activist running for governor on the Democrats’ side.

Walker said, “We’ve got to bring this party together,” warning that Republican voters who have loyalty to either Kemp or Perdue may feel disaffected if their candidate does not win and decline to vote in the general election.

“What has happened now is some people get sour grapes, and they don’t get out and vote. And I want to say whoever loses that race, whether it’s Gov. Kemp or Sen. Perdue, he needs to tell his people to go out and vote for the other,” Walker said. “It’s time for you to stop having sour grapes and think about this party.”

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