Joel Pollak: Unlike Democrats, ‘Trump Preserved American Freedom’ During Coronavirus Pandemic

US President Donald Trump wears a mask as he visits Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland' on July 11, 2020. (Photo by ALEX EDELMAN / AFP) (Photo by ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images)
ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump should highlight his preservation of constitutional liberties and freedom during the coronavirus outbreak — in contrast to Democrats’ increased centralization of state power, said Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak during an interview Sunday with Hogan Gidley, the Trump campaign’s press secretary.

“I’d like the president to say this [at the next debate],” remarked Pollak on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday. “Trump preserved American freedom. He did not create a new government department. He did not take power away from the states. He did not overstep his constitutional authority. He defended religious liberty. He defended the right to assemble peacefully — peaceful protests — and a Democratic administration, as we’ve seen from the states, would have trampled those freedoms.”

Pollak reflected on California’s prohibition of indoor religious assembly in recent months, as decreed by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

Pollak stated, “In California, today I went back to my synagogue for morning prayers for the first time this morning in seven months, and it felt amazing, but we couldn’t do it [until now] because of the shutdowns, and there was no reason we couldn’t do it outside and socially distanced. There was just no reason, but Democrats have sacrificed our First Amendment freedoms, and Trump has preserved freedom.” that.”


The pandemic must not be used as a pretext to erode America’s cultural identity of freedom, maintained Pollak.

“No matter what we go through with coronavirus, we want to come out the other side of it being America, being free,” Pollak remarked. “I think that’s the most powerful argument, because nobody believes Joe Biden would do that.”

Gidley noted Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s promise to shut down the country if “scientists” recommended such a measure in response to the coronavirus’s spread.

“I would shut it down. I would listen to the scientists,” Biden replied when asked by ABC’s David Muir whether he would do so. “I will be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus,” he added.

Pollak continued: “It would be amazing for the president to stand up for freedom on that debate stage and say, ‘When we come out of this pandemic, we want to be America. We don’t want to be socialist Europe. We want to be free. We want to have our churches open. We want to preserve our First Amendment. We want to keep our states, as powerful as they are, to go their own way [and] to be the laboratories of democracy under a federalist system. We don’t want national mandates. We don’t want new government departments. We don’t want to be told what to do.'”

Pollak concluded, “The most important thing is freedom. When we come out the other end of this thing, we have to preserve our liberties and our Constitution, and I think President Trump has done a phenomenal job of that.”

The third and final presidential debate is scheduled for October 22 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and will be moderated by NBC’s Kristen Welker.

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