Here’s The Real Reason Glenn Beck Just Called Me a 13-Year-Old


I am honored. Glenn Beck, the Cheetos Duke himself, has specifically called me out. I guess Beck needed a break from a holiday weekend of reviewing The Blaze’s dire traffic numbers.

In an article on his website and then in a post on Facebook, Beck accused me of being “cold and distant from any feelings of compassion and basic kindness” and “causing hurt.”

Beck has no real reason to wade in to this debate. The real reason he is attacking me in his trademark pathetic way is that I recently revealed just how parlous the financial state of his outlet The Blaze is, in my own Facebook post a week ago.

That’s why Beck is mad —I’m the only one talking openly about the rumors dogging his failing empire, because I have balls — and better sources (and hair) than any of his dire, fulminating hosts. Whom nobody watches.

Read the comments on that posting, you’ll find them full of former Beck fans puzzled over his turn to the dark side.

I’m honestly anticipating him pulling a crazy stunt aimed at me along the lines of his Cheetos mask, but it would require a really good quality wig, and I don’t know if he can afford that right now.

In fairness, Beck would know a little bit about being hurt by my words. As I’ve highlighted before, it’s not the first time that my words have sent the radio host running for his safe space. Concealed behind a mask of opportunistic Christian rhetoric (which never fools real Christian conservatives), Beck is every inch the social justice warrior. So it’s no surprise that he’s defending his own side.

I do wish he’d think up his own insults, instead of stealing ABC Nightline host Terry Moran’s. But his agreement with Moran is just another indication that Beck has gone completely crazy.

Moderates and liberals might react with scepticism to the idea that Beck, once their go-to right wing whipping boy, has tilted towards the left, but just consider his increasingly bizarre, wacky pronouncements over the last election cycle. He is more virulently anti-Trump than some leftists, while at the same time defending the ultra-progressive Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s continued censorship of conservatives.

His rhetoric certainly isn’t leftist in style, but it is in substance. Although he uses the mannerisms of a Christian televangelist, look a little deeper, and the familiar signs of leftism appear. His post condemns my views as “sexism, racism, and hatred.” Perhaps he’s looking for a job at Salon after The Blaze finally tanks.

But it’s more than just the usual tiresome smears of bigotry. Other NeverTrumpers do that too. No, Beck goes further —all the way into SJW territory, in fact — with his insistence that words can be harmful.

“The tree of real life trolls, be it on line, in media or in politics is not a good tree.”

“Causing hurt makes you into the monster you are running from.”

“When we hurt each other, we should step back and recognise it.”

These are just a few of the things Glenn Beck has to say about my dreadful, hurtful, dangerous words. Are you starting to see the overlap with the safe-space left yet? Despite his conservative posturing, Beck has fully bought into the left’s idea that feelings, rather than truth, are of fundamental political importance.

As his unblinking praise of Mark Zuckerberg suggests, poor old Glenn seems to have a gullibility problem, so I’ll spell it out for him: very few on the left are really “hurt” by what I say. They claim to be, in order to shut down debate.

Beck hysterically compares me to Robespierre, one of those responsible for the Reign of Terror in France, because in his addled brain it is more clever than comparing me to Hitler. He has probably noticed that comparison has been overused with Daddy Donald Trump recently.

Anyone with sense recognizes the closest thing to French guillotines in America today are the merciless ending of careers in technology, science, and academia for the crime of disagreeing with Social Justice Warriors, the exact people Glenn Beck has just allied himself with.

The more apt comparison for me would be the mischief-makers behind the Boston Tea Party, but only if they were particularly handsome both in and out of their Indian outfits.

As for Beck, first-class conspiracy-monger and author of Arguing With Idiots who regularly engages in phony theatrics, lecturing me about being nice and inoffensive to SJWs? He’s just trying to reinvent himself in a desperate bid to get some fame back, because his old act has worn out. Good luck with that.

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