Palin's 'Good Tidings and Great Joy' a Playbook for Preserving Christmas

Palin's 'Good Tidings and Great Joy' a Playbook for Preserving Christmas

It’s alright. You don’t have to feel down about it. So, it’s Christmas Eve and you still haven’t finished your shopping? You are not alone. Procrastinators this time of year are as plentiful as fruitcakes. In fact, many purposely wait until the bitter end, just for kicks. Take solace in knowing you will have plenty of company out there today if you are among those braving the stores. Plus, there’s a perfect gift waiting for you, if there are any left by the time you head out.

Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas is the wildly successful book from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. It’s the perfect present for anyone on your list, and it’s even compact enough to be a stocking stuffer. More importantly, the book itself is stuffed with wonderful stories, recipes, and Palin’s heartfelt defense of Christmas.

Palin mentions that the war on Christmas is the tip of the spear in a larger battle to fundamentally transform America. And just this month, Americans saw that battle in the world of sports. Palin has always said that she would fight like a Mama Grizzly for those who are voiceless, and that is exactly what she did when ESPN initially rejected a commercial from a St. Louis Catholic hospital because it mentioned “God” and “Jesus.” The network said those words were “problematic,” even though the ad encouraged viewers to merely send letters of hope to children who were away from their families at the hospital. After Breitbart Sports reported the story, Palin fought back, linking to the Breitbart Sports article and helping it go viral on Facebook. 

That got the attention of ESPN, as Palin represents a voice for a significant part of ESPN’s core audience, especially in SEC country. ESPN did an about face because of Breitbart Sports and Palin and decided to run the original ad. Palin’s book brilliantly provides examples on how to have that voice heard in other areas where scrooges are waging wars against Christmas. 

The book, just like its author, is passionate, honest, and real. Palin tackles the war on Christmas with common sense, logic, and faith. “Jesus is the reason for the season” is a theme throughout this delightful read. Palin blasts the PC police, while calling for the freedom to express Christian values. “If I’m for Christmas, it’s only because I’m for Christ,” Palin writes. She calls for the strong presence of Jesus Christ in public displays and school events.
Palin dissects the effort to homogenize the Christmas season and exposes this ridiculousness with candor. The book eloquently captures the hypocrisy that oozes from some during Christmastime. Atheists armed with attorneys secularize Christmas, pushing “multicultural diversity”, even though the vast majority of Americans are Christians.  
Beautifully blended in with her defense of our right to joyfully celebrate Christmas, Palin shares some very personal anecdotes and memories. She speaks of early Christmases and favorite toys, Todd Palin’s penchant for giving great gifts, and the gorgeous state of Alaska where a white Christmas is something to expect not dream about. 
Teen pregnancy, unless of course we’re talking about Mary is not a usual topic for a Christmas book, but Palin is not your usual writer. She doesn’t mince words like today’s Washington insider. She brings it old school and often raw. People relate to that.
In the book, there’s an honest reflection on an argument Palin had with her husband after daughter Bristol announced she was pregnant. The spat was over whether Bristol should marry her then-boyfriend. Governor Palin initially thought she should, while Todd did not. Palin wound up apologizing after their initial talk on the matter.
“When I finally realized I needed to take the blame on that day, Todd’s face instantly softened toward me,” Palin wrote. “There’s something remarkable that happens when one person bridges the ever-widening gap by taking the blame and becoming vulnerable. The relationship suddenly has a chance. Both people can let their defenses down. That one sentence, ‘Yeah, I’m to blame,’ even makes the relationship stronger.”
Putting something so emotional and important in the book really speaks to the kind of person Sarah Palin is. Genuine. 
The silly “Happy Holidays,” a substitute for “Merry Christmas” compliments of the liberal crowd, is examined as well. Palin strongly argues why we need to bring back the freedom of expression, not kowtow to the Scrooges. 
The importance of the cross is also explored. “There are few things that anger a secular liberal atheist more than a horizontal plank intersecting a vertical plank-a cross-on public land,” writes Palin. She references the effort to remove a cross from the 9/11 memorial site.    
This book is filled with stories of family, faith, and freedom. The love Palin has for her parents, siblings, husband, children, extended family, and friends permeates off the pages. Her love of the Lord is just as evident. Just like Santa will do in mere hours, Palin delivers.
These recollections of Christmas remind us of the importance of that baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. The reason for the season… Jesus Christ. The book also gives us a perspective on who Palin is. The answer is clearly one of us.
So, while the elites continue to try to break us and step on Christmas and all that it stands for, don’t back down. Be loud and proud when it comes to Christ. 
As for those Palin recipes, let’s just say the Peanut Butter Balls are amazing. Just make sure Michelle Obama or Mike Bloomberg aren’t around so you can indulge in peace.  
Good luck finishing up that shopping today, and when you check out with that new book in hand, make sure to wish the clerk a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy all that Christmas brings. After all, while the Grinch and company may be armed with angry atheist lawyers, those who believe in Christmas–like a Catholic hospital in St. Louis–have the Mama Grizzly on their side.