Oddly, 2018 World Cup Odds

Oddly, 2018 World Cup Odds

Degenerate gamblers of Planet Earth, rejoice! The bookmakers have finally released the odds for the 2018 World Cup. The painful wait is over!

The United States, which played competitively to reach the knockout round this summer, faces a 50-1 uphill climb in four years, according to Ladbrokes.com. This places them in the company of Uruguay, Ivory Coast, Denmark, and Chile. For anyone looking to cash in big on a long shot, Northern Ireland appears on the board at 2000-1.

Despite an early 2014 exit, 2010 champion Spain plays as the team to beat in 2018 according to the bookies. Here, oddly, are the odds for the leading contenders four years out from the festivities in Russia:

5-1 Spain

6-1 Brazil

7-1 Argentina

7-1 Germany

8-1 Russia

10-1 Italy

12-1 Holland

14-1 England

14-1 France