Tim Tebow Tells Thousands of Churchgoers, ‘It Matters Whose Team You’re On’

Tim Tebow AP
Clermont, FL

Former NFL passer Tim Tebow spoke before a packed house of thousands of churchgoers Sunday at Real Life Church in Clermont, Florida, telling those gathered “it matters whose team you’re on.”

Tebow’s appearance was so anticipated by members of the mega church that some camped out overnight in a nearby parking lot in order to get in to see him Sunday morning.

Many in the audience donned the various Jerseys Tebow wore during his football career, some in Florida Gators jerseys, others in NFL covers from the Broncos, Jets, Eagles, and Patriots.

The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner told the huge crowd that Jesus’ lessons on humility were far harder to inculcate than sports.

“Honestly, those verses took a while to sink in, and I’m still working on it,” he said according to the Daily Commercial of Leesburg, Florida. “Being focused as an athlete came easily, came naturally. But getting in the game for Jesus was a little bit different.”

Tebow also marveled at how many people he reached when he wore eye blacking featuring white lettering reading “John 3:16” during the January 8, 2008 BCS Championship Game when he threw for the Gators. He told those gathered he was able to witness to 94 million people who Googled his image after the game.

The QB, who ended his career last year with the Philadelphia Eagles, also said, “God can take the little things and make them big.” Tebow went on noting that three years after his Gators showing he passed for 316 yards, averaged 3.16 yards per completion.

Finally, the famed Christian told his audience that playing for the NFL was a great opportunity, but there is another, more important team to belong to.

“It matters whose team you’re on,” Tebow said. “As a Christian, it’s pretty awesome to have God as a teammate. With Jesus on your team, you have a lot to offer. When we bring what we have and match it with who He is, miracles happen.”

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