Super Bowl Champion Coach Stumps for Trump on the Campaign Trail

Head Coach Mike Shanahan of the Washington Redskins on September 29, 2013 in Oakland, California.
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
Denver, CO

Former Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan hit the campaign trail hard for Donald Trump in recent days.

The two-time Super Bowl champion coach spoke at a rally in Denver on Saturday where, according to the Washington Post, Shanahan lauded Trump as “a very, very special guy.” He also characterized the Republican nominee as a “proven business leader” and “a great person.”

Shanahan pointed out why he believes voters should trust Trump. “He doesn’t owe anybody anything,” he declared. “He can go out there and pick the best people to do the best job, and he doesn’t owe anybody.

“You know, it’s fun for me to call somebody a great friend, and you know he’s a great person because you’ve been around him and you see what he can do with people that do nothing for him in return. And I can tell you: that’s very special. Let’s make him the next president of the United States. Let’s go get ’em.”

Shanahan shared the story of how Donald Trump got to know all the caddies on the golf course when he and Trump played together in Tahoe. Shanahan told the crowd, “We’re going out in the middle of the fairway; in the middle of the fairway there’s lots of volunteers. He knows the name of the volunteers, and there’s two midway, we get to the green, there’s two more. He introduced himself to everyone. This is on the first hole. So the second hole, we’ve got to wait about five minutes before we tee off, and there’s a lot of kids. I mean, a lot of kids.

“He signs autographs for every kid that was around until he teed off. I’ve been in Tahoe for like 13, 14 years before I played with him. I had never had anybody that did that for 18 holes, six hours, where he met and spent time with each and every person. And I told my wife, I said, ‘Hey, I know why this guy is so successful. I know why this guy is the best in the business. People just don’t do that. That’s what type of guy Donald Trump is. Very, very special.’”

Shanahan summed up what, for him, was the deciding factor in his decision to support Trump: “Now at the end, people ask me, ‘Hey, why do you support, why do you like Donald Trump?’ And I say, you know what? Number one, I know one thing: he is a leader. And when you have a football player that has passion and work ethic, and he has talent, that’s when they have a chance to be in the Hall of Fame.

“But if they don’t have passion, they don’t have work ethic, then there is no chance, regardless of how talented he is. I guarantee, you can see Donald Trump has passion, has work ethic, has energy. His schedule for the last year is something I’ve never seen. Very, very special.”

Shanahan’s appearance for Trump occurred during the same weekend where NBA players LeBron James, J.R. Smith, and rapper Jay-Z made appearances for Hillary Clinton. During Jay-Z’s performance, the rapper performed songs that included the N-word, the F-word, and mother—–.

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