NFL Spokesman Expects Colin Kaepernick Will Be Invited to Next Meeting Between Players and Owners

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It’s turning into quite the week for former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. First, he lands a $1 million book deal with a high-profile publisher. Now, the league he filed a grievance against only two weeks ago, has invited him to attend the next meeting between the players and the owners.

On Wednesday, during the league’s weekly conference call, NFL Spokesman Joe Lockhart confirmed that an invite would be extended to Kaepernick and said, “We look forward to him joining the conversation.”

Those meetings are scheduled for next Tuesday in New York.

Kaepernick had reportedly been invited by the Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, to attend the last meeting between the players and the owners. However, he ended up not attending that meeting, for reasons that remain unknown.

While it’s unclear how the league could allow Kaepernick back into the NFL while he has a collusion case filed against them. It seems pretty clear that we’re headed or a day when Colin Kaepernick will be allowed to play football again, in the NFL.

The league has surrendered to the players so thoroughly, that they must realize the ultimate capitulation for the NFL can’t merely amount to Kaepernick attending a meeting. The ultimate victory will be Kaepernick kneeling, or standing (how poetic would that be?) during the anthem in an NFL uniform.

It’s probably just a matter of time.



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