Biological Man Dominating Women’s Handball Championships

Getty Images/Kelly Defina

Until 2016, Hannah Mouncey played for Australia’s men’s handball league. But now, after transitioning to a woman, the six-foot-two, 220-pound Mouncey is utterly dominating Australia’s women’s handball league, Daily Wire noted.

Mouncey literally towers over opponents and overpowers them in reach, strength, speed, and weight, but has been allowed to compete as a woman despite the incredible advantage.

With Mouncey leading the drive, Australia is back in the hunt for an Asian Women’s Handball championship for the first time in years.

Mouncey has been racking up the points at a growing rate with four goals against Kazakhstan last week, and eight goals against Japan and Iran in recent matches.

According to the Swedish sports site Handbolls Kanalen, “Australia defeated Iran by 29-24, and the result may turn out to be gold worth. If they finish in fifth place or better, Oceania is winning a World Cup through the Asian Championship. It also means that IHF will not have a wildcard to share.”

Mouncey was barred from entering the women’s league last year because of higher testosterone levels and weight, but presumably, that was addressed for the 2018 season. During that time Mouncey complained that weight was unfair criteria for transgendered women.

“My biggest concern is the fact that weight is being used as one of the key physical measures for possible exclusion. Forget the fact that in a game that has such an emphasis on endurance and speed, being heavy is not necessarily an advantage and think about the message it sends to women and girls about their bodies: if you’re too big, you can’t play. That is incredibly dangerous and backward,” Mouncey wrote in the Guardian last year.

With a single-minded focus on transgenderism, Mouncey even praised Iran as “progressive” for rules allowing transgender players. Yes, the same Iran that executes men for being gay is “progressive” in Mouncey’s view.

Mouncey has actively used Twitter to push transgenderism and celebrate Australia’s status in the hunt for a championship this year.

Mouncey also won the LGBTQ John Marriott Sportsperson of the Year award this year.

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