Huston: Aaron Rodgers is Right, Everyone Knows Not to Take Medicines You Are Allergic To

Aaron Rodgers
AP Photo/Ben Margot

The left-wing continues to rail at Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for being reluctant to take a vaccine to which he is allergic, but doesn’t everyone know that they are supposed to avoid drugs that trigger allergic reactions?

Aren’t we told on TV and streaming video ads nearly every day to avoid drugs that trigger allergies?

Last week, Rodgers participated in two extended interviews during which he said that he and his doctors determined that he is allergic to some of the ingredients in several of the coronavirus vaccines. Because of these allergies, Rodgers said that he does not want to take these drugs. Instead, he said he looked for alternative treatments to stave off becoming infected with COVID-19.

Regardless, liberals continue to attack Rodgers over his vax reluctance, despite his allergies. And it makes one ask, just who doesn’t know to avoid things to which one is allergic?

After all, every American who watches TV or streaming videos has seen those ads for some wonder drug or another. And in every one of these ads, there is a portion of the legal notices where the TV narrator says, “Don’t take [this wonder drug] if you are allergic to it.”

Just to name a few, here is the ad for asthma drug Fasenra at the point where the ad says don’t take it if you are allergic to it:

Here is the same warning in the oft-seen ad for the diabetes supplement drug Trulicity:

The same allergy warning is heard in the ad for the anti-smoking drug Chantix:

Or how about the psoriasis drug Otezla we have all seen that tells you that you shouldn’t take if you are allergic to it:

America is inundated with these ads on all video platforms.

So, why is it such a shock to the left that someone would not want to take a drug that they are allergic to? We are warned not to do this in nearly every pharmaceutical ad we see day in and day out.

Where, exactly, is the disconnect?

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