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FBI Raids Sovereign Health, Highlighting Addiction-Treatment Industry

The FBI conducted raids last week on Sovereign Health behavioral health treatment centers in California and the San Clemente home of its CEO Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, whose U.K. medical license was revoked for serious professional misconduct. Sovereign Health facilities in

FBI Crystal City

Obama, Macklemore Discuss Addiction During Weekly Address

President Obama and rapper Macklemore discussed drug addiction during Saturday’s Weekly Address. Transcript as Follows: THE PRESIDENT: Hi, everybody. I’ve got a special guest with me this week – Macklemore. For those of you who don’t share the same love[i]


Bill Bennett Slams Sentencing Reform Bill’s Early Release of Drug Traffickers: ‘Drug Dealing Is Inseparable from Violent Victimization’

BENNETT: The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act now before Congress is based on a lie — that drug dealing is not a violent crime. Americans have been told this lie for years even as we witness the violence and death caused by drug dealers in our communities. Now, this lie is propelling legislation through Congress that will destroy more lives.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Ted Cruz Shares Moving Family Story of Sister’s Addiction At GOP Debate

In a moving moment at Saturday night’s ABC News presidential debate, candidate Sen. Ted Cruz shared the story of his half-sister’s battle with drug addiction in the context of the overarching problem of addiction in the United States. Moderator David Muir referenced