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Ahmadis: UK Muslims Must Take US-Style Pledge of Allegiance

A small, peaceful sect of Muslim – who are persecuted and attacked by mainstream Islam – have demanded all Muslims school children swear a US-style pledge of allegiance to the UK to encourage integration.


All Muslim Groups Fail To Attend Anti-Extremism Campaign Launch

All of Scotland’s major Muslim groups declined to attend the launch of a campaign against violence and discrimination directed towards the Ahmadi sect, as well as the Paris and Brussels terror attacks. Representatives of the local Sikh and Jewish communities, and the

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Canada: Disabled Man Denied Subsidized Housing Because He’s Not Muslim

Austin Lewis, a 21-year-old disabled man who requires a wheelchair, was recently denied access to a publicly-subsidized housing apartment due to him not being a Muslim. Lewis sought an apartment in the Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace, a building in Toronto administered by a Muslim organization.