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Church of England Reviving with Rise in Patriotism

The decline of the Church of England may have been arrested by a rise in patriotism, according to a report by a professor of theology and the sociology of religion at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.


Francis Becomes First Pope To Visit an Anglican Church in Rome

ROME (AP) – Pope Francis has become the first pontiff to visit an Anglican church in Rome. Francis and an Anglican bishop prayed side-by-side Sunday afternoon at All Saints Church in central Rome. Bishop Robert Innes welcomed Francis by praising


World View: How the First Thanksgiving Led to American independence

Contents: The First Thanksgiving — The Pilgrims meet the Wampanoag Indians; The fur trade with Britain and Europe; King Philip’s war; Aftermath of King Philip’s War; The Great Awakening of the 1730-40s; The Revolutionary War — 1772-1782; Aftermath of the Revolutionary War


Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Suicide Is a ‘God-Given Right’

In a recent editorial in The Washington Post, Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu adds physician-assisted suicide to the list of progressive “God-given rights” for which he has spent his life fighting throughout the world.

Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu gestures during a press conference about the first 20 years of freedom in South Africa at St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town on April 23,2014. Tutu today celebrated 20 years of freedom in South Africa as a "heck of an achievement", while confirming that …

Tory MP: Church of England Should Stop Preaching on Migrants

A Conservative Member of Parliament has slammed the Anglican Church for its hypocritical, liberal preaching on the migration crisis. He says the Church should be doing more to integrate newcomers into the British way of life, including teaching them about God.

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Anglican Communion Faces Split Over Gay Marriage

The world’s third largest Christian denomination could effectively dissolve itself in the New Year, as its members cannot reconcile deep divisions on issues including gay marriage. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has summoned all 38 leaders of the Anglican


Female Anglicans Attempt to ‘Transition’ God to Female

In the wake of the Bruce Jenner story—the most celebrated gender reassignment in the short history of the procedure—female Anglican clergy members have begun quietly campaigning for a similar sex change of the divinity into a female.

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Anglican Bishops Call on Parishioners to Fast For Climate Change

A group of Anglican bishops and archbishops have called on their church to show a “faith response” to “climate justice” by divesting fossil fuels from the church’s investment portfolio. Calling climate change “the most moral issue of our day”, they

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