Baltic Sea

China and Russia Hold Naval Exercises in Baltic Sea

China will soon be holding a week-long joint naval exercise with Russia, including a debut appearance from the Hefei, one of the most advanced warships in the Chinese Navy. The most remarkable aspect of these exercises, however, is their location: the Baltic Sea. China’s ships are fairly literally sailing halfway around the world to get there.

KALININGRAD, RUSSIA - JULY 21: Russian Vice-Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov (R) welcomes Chinese Vice-Admiral Tian Zhong as China's missile destroyer Hefei arrives at Baltic city ahead of the 'Joint Sea 2017' on July 21, 2017 in Kaliningrad, Russia. China and Russia hold a naval drill 'Joint Sear 2017' at Baltic Sea …

Swedish Military Confirms Foreign Submarine in Local Waters

Sweden’s military confirmed that a citizen spotted an unknown submarine off the coast of Stockholm on October 31. The government did not confirm the submarine’s nationality, but authorities believe it belonged to Russia.