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Fifth Third Deal Flashes a Warning Sign for Banking

Fifth Third’s $4.7 billion deal to purchase Chicago’s MB Financial is a sign that large regional banks are feeling pressure to grow and believe the regulatory environment has turned positive for bank mergers and acquisitions.

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GOP Tax Plan Imposes a Big Tax on the Big Banks

While the Republican tax bill unveiled Thursday is undoubtedly business-friendly, there is one set of American companies that come in for a new and costly tax: the big banks.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland Sets Aside Another £3bn For US Fines

LONDON (AP) — Taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland says it has set aside an additional $3.8 billion to cover fines and litigation costs related to its sale of bonds backed by U.S. subprime mortgages before the global financial crisis.

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Donald Trump: Ted Cruz ‘Worse than Hillary’

Donald Trump has two things he is focusing on during the fight with Ted Cruz: The Texas Senator’s Canadian citizenship (which he has renounced) and the undisclosed loan from Goldman Sachs in his Senate race.

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Re-Suicide: Obama Adopts Bush-era Tricks To Re-inflate Property Bubble

President Barack Obama is bringing the subprime-mortgage crisis back, fueled by the progressives’ political urge to treat borrowed money loans as a “right” that everyone is “entitled,” and by the willingness to dismiss mathematical probability as a racist conspiracy.

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Eurozone Says No to Greece Bailout Extension

The Eurozone rejected Greece’s request for one-month bailout extension only a day after the bankrupt country turned down an extension offer from their creditors. “It looks like we are heading for Grexit,” exclaimed one person who participated in the meetings.

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Major US Banks Closing Border Branches to Fight Money Laundering

As more money continues to flow into the pockets of Mexican drug cartels, traffickers need to maintain a solid network of places—often along the southwest border—where they can launder drug money. However, in an attempt to stymie these efforts, several major US banks have been closing numerous branches in the region and shutting down hundreds of customer accounts.