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Fifth Third Deal Flashes a Warning Sign for Banking

Fifth Third’s $4.7 billion deal to purchase Chicago’s MB Financial is a sign that large regional banks are feeling pressure to grow and believe the regulatory environment has turned positive for bank mergers and acquisitions.

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GOP Tax Plan Imposes a Big Tax on the Big Banks

While the Republican tax bill unveiled Thursday is undoubtedly business-friendly, there is one set of American companies that come in for a new and costly tax: the big banks.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland Sets Aside Another £3bn For US Fines

LONDON (AP) — Taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland says it has set aside an additional $3.8 billion to cover fines and litigation costs related to its sale of bonds backed by U.S. subprime mortgages before the global financial crisis.

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Donald Trump: Ted Cruz ‘Worse than Hillary’

Donald Trump has two things he is focusing on during the fight with Ted Cruz: The Texas Senator’s Canadian citizenship (which he has renounced) and the undisclosed loan from Goldman Sachs in his Senate race.

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Re-Suicide: Obama Adopts Bush-era Tricks To Re-inflate Property Bubble

President Barack Obama is bringing the subprime-mortgage crisis back, fueled by the progressives’ political urge to treat borrowed money loans as a “right” that everyone is “entitled,” and by the willingness to dismiss mathematical probability as a racist conspiracy.

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Eurozone Says No to Greece Bailout Extension

The Eurozone rejected Greece’s request for one-month bailout extension only a day after the bankrupt country turned down an extension offer from their creditors. “It looks like we are heading for Grexit,” exclaimed one person who participated in the meetings.