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Bastille Day

French Don’t Trust Their Government On Response To Terrorism

Two thirds of French people do not trust the president or government on terrorism, with half believing that France is at war, and the majority wanting more “effective” responses to terrorism including an increase in military and policing personnel, harsher prison sentences, and greater surveillance and policing powers.


French Prisons are ‘Radical Islam’ Terrorist Universities

The common link to France accounting for five of the 16 major Western nation terrorist incidents in 2016, including the July 14 “lone wolf” attack in Nice that killed 84 people, is French prisons being “radical Islam” terrorist universities. Despite

radicialzation in prison (Gitmo)

The Automobile Is Becoming The Weapon Of Choice For Islamist Killers

Thursday night’s Bastille killings in Nice, France follows a familiar pattern of one of the crowning achievements of Western civilisation — the mass-produced automobile — being used as a weapon against its own people. The use of a vehicle as a deadly