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Campus Crazies at Oberlin Cry Cultural Appropriation Over Canteen Menu

In one of the more pathetic examples in the “anti-racism” student activism of 2015 students at Oberlin College have accused the institution of insensitivity and “cultural appropriation” based on the menu in their dining hall. This is supposedly because the

Campus Protests California

Washington State Rep Fights Campus Crazies With ‘Academic Freedom Bill’

As campus crazies erode free speech, intimidate professors, and push radical progressive talking points on students, one state representative is fighting back. Matt Manweller, representative for Washington’s 13th District, will introduce an “Academic Bill of Rights” to the state legislature in January, to roll

Arnold Gold/New Haven Register via AP

Harvard Apologises for Campus Crazy Christmas Placemats

Harvard University has apologised for the distribution of Christmas placemats that instructed students to repeat progressive-left talking points following reports from Breitbart Tech and Campus Reform.


Universities ‘Dominated By Left-Wing Hate Mobs’ Says Professor

University students and teachers are becoming increasingly ‘hard-line’ and intolerant, shouting down anyone who does not conform to their world view, a British professor has said. Antony Glees, an expert in counter-terrorism who teaches at the University of Buckingham, said

Safe Space Missouri Mizzou (Jeff Roberson / Associated Press) left-wing hate mobs

EXCLUSIVE: The Media Is Wrong, White Student Unions Are not ‘Hoaxes’ Created by Racists

The chaos that erupted across college campuses earlier this month escalated racial tensions among students to levels not seen since the 1950s and 60s, as radical activists sought to enforce a new orthodoxy of ‘white privilege’ across universities. The inevitable consequence — a newly-racialized American campus — is beginning to emerge.

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Campus Crazies: Women’s Officers Who Have Gone Off The Deep End

You’ve probably heard of Bahar Mustafa, the diversity and welfare officer at Goldsmiths University in London. She shot into the limelight after tweeting in support of #KillAllWhiteMen and banning white males from a conference on – ironically – diversity. Schadenfreude


Meet Melissa Click, The Media Professor Who Hates Journalists

Melissa Click doesn’t like journalists. The Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri generated headlines when she called for “muscle” to help eject journalists who were trying to cover the ongoing protests on campus.

Mark Schierbecker/YouTube