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Political Chaos in Spain after Far-Left Surges in Election

Spain is facing political chaos after yesterday’s election produced no clear winner and saw a surge in support for the far-left. The governing conservative People’s Party of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy remains the largest party but fell well short of


Catalonia Votes To Start Breakaway Process From Spain

Catalonia’s regional assembly voted on Monday in favor of a resolution to split from Spain, energizing a drive towards independence and deepening a standoff with central government in Madrid. The declaration, which pro-independence parties in the northeastern region hope will


UN Chief Insists Catalonia Has No Right To Claim Self-Determination

The United Nations does not view Spain’s separatist-ruled Catalonia region as having the right to self-determination, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said in an interview published Saturday. “Spain is an independent and sovereign country that includes the Catalan region,” Ban told

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King of Spain Warns Catalans Over Independence Plans

Spain’s King Felipe yesterday warned the region of Catalonia to respect the law as separatists threaten to unilaterally declare independence if they win upcoming elections. Regional president Artur Mas has called elections for 27 September, which he wants to turn


Two Party System Dealt Blow In Spanish Elections

The two party system was delivered a blow in Spain’s municipal elections as voters turned their backs on the parties who have dominated the electoral scene since democracy was reintroduced to the country in 1980. The Popular Party (PP) which

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