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‘Clock Boy’ Dad Vows to Appeal Tossed Case

Even though a Texas district judge threw out a defamation lawsuit filed by “Clock Boy” dad Mohamed Mohamed, the family patriarch vows to appeal the case, according to his attorney.


Muslim Former Texas Student’s Unexpected Revelations of ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed’s School

A Muslim student shared unexpected revelations about the same Texas high school attended by “Clock Boy” Ahmed in documents Breitbart Texas obtained through an open records request. The documents reveal a viewpoint unheard so far because Irving Independent School District officials cannot voice their side of the story due to federal privacy laws connected to the Mohamed family’s not signing a waiver to allow this information to become public.

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Richard Dawkins Compares ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed to Islamic State Child Soldier

Richard Dawkins posted a Tweet on Tuesday that compared “Clock Boy,” Ahmed Mohamed to the Islamic State child soldier who beheaded a man and it was captured on video. After being attacked on Twitter, he is backing down from his original statement and saying he was only making the comparison of them being young boys.

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‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed’s Demand Letter: Pay Up or Else!

On Monday, the family of Ahmed Mohamed demanded $15 million — $10 million from the City of Irving and $5 million from the Irving Independent School District. A 10-page letter to the Irving City Attorney and a similar 9-page letter to the school district attorney allege innumerable claims about “Clock Boy’s” Sept. 14 arrest, among them ‘Islamophobia.’

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‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Picks Qatar School, Home of the Muslim Brotherhood, Over MIT

Ahmed Mohamed accepted a full scholarship to attend a Qatar school instead of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). “Clock Boy” Ahmed chose the reputed home of the Muslim Brotherhood over an institution revered among the world’s finest science and engineering universities. Ahmed is the Texas teen who was arrested and suspended from high school last month after bringing a homemade suitcase clock mistaken for a hoax bomb.

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