Report: Germany Weighs Acceptance of Foreign Citizens into Army

A proposal to let foreign citizens serve in the German army is under consideration by Berlin. If approved, it will allow the Bundeswehr to build strength on the back of a recent announcement that conscription could return as the prospect of a grand “European army” looms on the horizon.

An honour guard marches out at the end of a swearing-in ceremony of German Bundeswehr sold

China Launches Largest Incursion Yet into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone

China launched its largest incursion to date into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on Sunday. 71 Chinese military aircraft entered the ADIZ in a span of 24 hours, 43 of them also crossing the median line of the Taiwan Strait, the unofficial border between the mainland People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the island-based Republic of China (ROC).

FILE - In this undated file photo released by the Taiwan Ministry of Defense, a Chinese PL

Nearly 1,200 Arrested in Dozens of Russian Cities for Anti-War Protests

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declaration that he will double down in Ukraine by calling up 300,000 Russian reservists did not go over well with the 18-to-65-year-old men who might get called up. One-way airline tickets out of Russia to visa-free destinations skyrocketed in price on Thursday, and then sold out completely. Land traffic across Russia’s borders also picked up, although European news agencies disputed the most sensational claims of 20-mile traffic jams at Finnish checkpoints.

Police officers detain a man following calls to protest against partial mobilisation annou